Meryl Streep's Feminist Interview With Anna Wintour Makes All Our Devil Wears Prada Dreams Come True

Vogue editor-in-chief chats with the actress about her upcoming film The Post

By Kendall Fisher Nov 09, 2017 8:42 PMTags

Meryl Streep will forever embody one of our favorite fictional female bosses thanks to Devil Wears Prada—emotions that came washing over us once again thanks to a new interview with the main lady her character was based upon...

Anna Wintour!

Yes, life imitated art and our dreams came true in Vogue magazine's 125th anniversary issue when the editor-in-chief chatted with Streep about her upcoming film, The Post, and how the feminist agenda is pushing forward.

In the film, Streep plays Wintour's late friend, Katharine Graham, who oversaw The Washington Post through the Watergate scandal, which eventually led to President Richard Nixon's resignation.

Meryl Streep's Best Roles

Wintour admitted Graham was one of the most "intimidating people" she's ever met, but when she asked Streep about the most challenging character she's ever played, another name came to mind.

"Oh! I should say..." Streep trailed off as Wintour cut her off before she could discuss Devil Wears Prada. "No, no! We're not going there, Meryl," the editor-in-chief laughed.

"No, that wasn't anyway," Streep smiled. "That was fun!"

On a more serious note, the two ladies discussed how The Post is relevant today as women continue making themselves heard.

"One of the themes of the film is how difficult it is to stand up," Streep explained. "And so that sort of speaks to our moment where the truth is so amorphous and difficult to nail down...It's hard to risk a great deal to tell the truth."

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Streep and Wintour also went on to discuss the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein. The actress admitted she discusses it all the time with her three daughters.

"We want them to be free. We want them to be proud. We want them to be female," she said. "But you put them in danger by not informing them about the male gaze and how it works on young girls."

However, no matter how difficult it may be, she believes the conversation around workplace behavior will help advance the feminist agenda.

"This moment is absolutely thrilling," Streep said. "This is a door that will not be closed. We got our foot in their now. It will be very difficult for people to conduct their lives the way they have in the past...We're civilized people, and we learn from our mistakes."

Watch her full interview with Wintour in the video above.