Portia de Rossi Says Steven Seagal ''Unzipped'' His Pants During Audition

Australian actress says that the martial arts star acted inappropriately with her during a final audition

By Meg Swertlow Nov 09, 2017 4:17 AMTags
Portia De Rossi, Steven SeagalRichard Shotwell/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Arrested Development actress Portia de Rossi took to Twitter on Wednesday to recount an alleged experience while trying to audition for a movie for the Above the Law actor Steven Seagal.

The 44-year-old star, who is a lesbian and married to Ellen DeGeneres, tweeted, "My final audition for a Steven Segal movie took place in his office. He told me how important it was to have chemistry off-screen as he sat me down and unzipped his leather pants. I ran out and called my agent. Unfazed, she replied, 'well, I didn’t know if he was your type.'[sic]"

The Arrested Development star tweeted the recounting to her 339K followers on Wednesday afternoon. Soon after, Ellen tweeted her support of the actress, writing, "I'm proud of my wife."

Julianna Margulies Recalls Alleged "Horrific" Hotel Room Meeting With Steven Seagal

The new claim comes on the heels of Julianna Marguiles' claims that the Under Siege actor allegedly brought out a gun during an "audition" in his hotel room almost three decades ago.

In a new interview with Jenny Hutt on SiriusXM Friday morning, The Good Wife star recalled an alleged meeting with the martial arts star that she hasn't soon forgotten.

"When I was 23, a casting director, a woman, said, 'Well, Steven Seagal wants to go over the scene with you in his hotel room at 10 o'clock at night.' And I lived in Brooklyn, and I said, 'Oh, I don't do that. I don't travel. I don't have money for a cab.' And I didn't," Julianna said. "And I said, ‘And I don't take subways late at night.' And she says, ‘Don't worry, we'll reimburse you. And I'm here.' A woman, because we need to start holding these people accountable."

The actress continued, "And I got to the hotel around 10:40 p.m. and she wasn't there and he was alone and he made sure that I saw his gun, which I had never seen a gun in real life. And I got out of there unscathed…I never was raped, and I never was harmed. I don't know how I got out of that hotel room. It always starts with 'I'm a healer. I want to massage you' and I sort of squirmed my way out."

E! News has reached out to Steven's team for comment on both Portia and Julianna's allegations.

Last month, the New York Times released a bombshell investigation of Harvey Weinstein, which uncovered decades of alleged sexual harassment, and as a result there has been a subsequent wave of sexual harassment and assault allegations that have flooded Hollywood.

Recently, Charlie SheenEd WestwickBrett RatnerKevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven and many more of Hollywood's elite have been accused of inappropriate behavior off-screen.