La'Myia Good Gets a Breast Enhancement and Asiah Collins Creates Her First Pop-Up Shop for Kid Ink on The Platinum Life

Nothing but the best for these ladies

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 10, 2017 4:00 AMTags
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Music to our ears! 

La'Myia Good needs a little bit of coaching and moral support from her man Eric Bellinger on this week's episode of The Platinum Life because she's about to go under the knife for a breast enhancement. "I am feeling super grateful that my mom and my husband are right here by my side," La'Myia shared about her procedure. "I'm scared and they make me feel comfortable." 

While La'Myia has a lot on her mind, Asiah Collins is going through a high-pressure situation herself. She's has been handling the merch for her husband Kid Ink and now she's responsible for creating and designing her first a pop-up shop.

But Kid Ink isn't always the easiest to please. "My husband can be an extremely tough critic," Asiah shared. "If it doesn't go well, he's definitely going to give me s--t for it."

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Luckily for Asiah—and her bank account—everything went off without a problem and she sold out of most of the merchandise. Which means she might be able to leverage his career and this merchandise into even bigger opportunities to come. 

Is it just us or are Miguel and Nazanin Mandi the perfect couple? With Miguel back from tour, he is helping to elevate Naz's music career and encourage her creative pursuits. With his help, there is nothing she can't do. 

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"Its been years since I've been in the booth...I'm very critical of myself," Nazanin shared. "With Miguel coaching me, I feel safer, things are coming back, he's guiding me. It just makes me feel more confident and I love that."

See everything that went down on this week's episode in the clip above!