How Taylor Swift's Non-Stop 1989 Promo Differs From Her Reputation Blackout

See how the singer is approaching this era compared to album cycles in the past

By Jess Cohen Nov 08, 2017 12:36 AMTags

Taylor Swift is letting her lyrics do the talking.

We're just days away from the release of the 27-year-old singer's new album, Reputation, and Swift by choice is not doing any press. T.Swift has been using social media to promote the album, while in comparison, during the months leading up to the 2014 release of her album, 1989, Swift was everywhere, doing multiple interviews, performances and discussing her album on TV shows.

This time around, Swift decided to dedicate the time she normally would spend doing interviews and performances to meeting her Swifties and securing them exclusive behind-the-scenes access, more personal than ever before.

Taylor Swift Gives Fans an Inside Look at Her Reputation Secret Sessions

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Swift set the tone for the Reputation era right from the start. She didn't announce her new album during a live stream event, like she did for 1989. Instead, she erased all of her social media existence, only returning to tease the album and later announcing its name and release date on social media.

Since then, Swift has been nowhere yet everywhere. While we haven't seen her out and about in public, Swift has been sharing with everyone what she's been up to via YouTube videos that show her songwriting and music video process and through her music.

Swift is really letting her album speak for itself this era. While a lot of people want her to talk about her time away from the spotlight, she actually is in her lyrics.

Taylor Swift Gives Fans an Inside Look at How She Wrote "Gorgeous"

Instead of doing interview after interview talking about the album and her life, Swift has released four songs before her album drops. Each song has given us a glimpse into how Swift has grown recently, how she's changed and how the old Taylor is, well, dead.

With "Look What You Made Me Do," and the song's music video we saw Swift address many rumors and misconceptions about herself. With this, Swift let everyone know there's a new Taylor in town and she's ready to talk. This was then followed by "...Ready for It?" and its later released music video in which we saw the real Swift break free of the glass box she was trapped in. Swift was literally asking everyone if they were "ready" to meet the real her.

Taylor Swift's "Call It What You Want" Lyrics Decoded: Her Hiatus and Her Love for Joe Alwyn

The singer then dropped "Gorgeous," a song that is about her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn, according to those lucky Swifties who attended one of her secret session listening parties. Swift's latest song off of her album "Call It What You Want" is also presumably about her relationship with Alwyn.

So instead of doing a bunch of press, talking about her relationship status and who each song is about, Swift is sharing the information in a different way, her way. Whether it's liking song theories on Tumblr or simply sharing details of her life through her lyrics, Swift is still giving us personal details about her life.

The major difference this album era is, Swift is the one deciding what information she wants to share and in what way. Instead of certain details getting misconstrued in the press, Swift wants to be clear about her message and be in control of her narrative.

And while she isn't giving any interviews, fans still feel as close to Swift as ever because the content she's delivering is taking them into her world and giving them a glimpse into her life.

Reputation is set for release on Nov. 10.