Kate Hudson's Son Is ''So Proud'' of His Mom and Grandma Goldie Hawn: They're ''Really Inspiring''

At Goldie's Love in For Kids gala, the teen dishes on what it's like growing up with famous family members to look up to

By Cydney Contreras Nov 06, 2017 11:03 PMTags
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Kate Hudson showed off the fine young gentleman she's raised while supporting a cause that has long been her mother's dream. 

With son Ryder Robinson by her side, Kate walked the red carpet at her mother's charity event Goldie's Love in For Kids, which was hosted by the Hawn Foundation.

Since establishing the foundation nearly 13 years ago, it's worked to help schools better educate their students by advocating for "mindful learning and focusing on the social and emotional well-being of kids in the classroom."

Over the years, Ryder has been fortunate enough to witness the, "really cool and very inspiring work" that his family has been involved in.

The 13-year-old told E! News Sibley Scoles, "I am so proud of Gogo [Hawn] and my mom."

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This is a shared sentiment, as Kate also applauded her mother's continued efforts in the education community, which she says is "quite emotional."

The How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days actress spoke highly of her mother, explaining that the mindfulness Hawn advocates for in classrooms has improved children's test scores and that, "The bullying on the playground goes down like thirty percent."

The praise did not stop there, though. The Fabletics co-founder also discussed her admiration for her mother's loving relationship with Kurt Russell and their enduring values that has kept them together for so long.

She says that the glue to their relationship is that they "continue to just have fun."


The 38-year-old recalled scolding her famous mom, actress Goldie Hawn, for her choice of tight dresses and outfits in the 80s, telling E! News' at the charity gala, "I was always like, 'You can't wear that out!'"

Kate has regaled the world with tales of her mom's carefree and fun approach to raising children before—like the one time she crashed her kids' party in a negligee—but that never stopped the actress from feeling protective over her mother, even as a young teen.

Now a mother herself, Kate cuts Goldie some slack, saying, "It was back when people didn't follow you around with cameras so you didn't have to always feel like you had to cover yourself up. Mom was free."

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