The Kardashian Women Celebrated Kris Jenner's 62nd Birthday and Kylie Jenner Says Pics of Herself Were Photoshopped

Just a typical day in the life

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 07, 2017 12:33 AMTags

They're always on the move! 

The Kardashian family might just be the busiest family in the world! These ladies are always jet setting somewhere, and this past weekend was no different. The women hopped on a plane to celebrate Kris Jenner's birthday at the Amangiri resort. 

From the few snaps on social media, it looks like the ladies lived it up in style! Kylie Jenner also spent a good portion of her weekend defending some pictures of herself she claims were photoshopped.

So what part of the pics were photoshopped? Find out in the clip above!