Alycia Bella Gets Stuck in the Middle of Crystal Smith's Drama with Asiah Collins' Best Friend on The Platinum Life

Can they put aside their differences?

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 06, 2017 7:07 PMTags
Watch: Crystal Tries Improving Her Friendship With Asiah

This friendship may need a lot more work! 

It's no secret that Asiah Collins and Crystal Smith aren't exactly thick as thieves, and it seems like every time they try to put the drama behind them, an obstacle gets in the way. This time, the obstacle has a name—Blanca

Earlier this season, Blanca stirred up some drama at a party by informing everyone that she would have no problem dragging a bitch—meaning Crystal—under the tent. Well it looks like Crystal wasn't too happy about that, and when Blanca showed up at Asiah's pop-up, she needed to put a little distance between them. 

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"My girl La'Myia lets me know that Blanca said she was going to drag me or whatever," Crystal shared. "But I'm trying to work on my friendship with Asiah right now so the last thing I need to do is get into it with her best friend." 

Even though it seemed like Crystal was taking the high road, Alycia Bella needed to get the situation under control. "I don't know what's happening but Crystal needs to chill," Alycia shared. "Asiah's my girl, so she doesn't need any drama at her pop-up." 

Can the ladies put the drama behind them? See it go down in the clip above!