The Crown Season 2 Trailer Puts Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Drama Front and Center

This is Claire Foy's final season playing Queen Elizabeth II

By Chris Harnick Nov 06, 2017 2:31 PMTags

Claire Foy's The Crown swan song has begun. Foy, a Golden Globe winner for the Netflix drama, will play Queen Elizabeth II for the final time in The Crown season two. In the new trailer above, Foy's Queen Elizabeth grapples with a restless husband, played by Doctor Who's Matt Smith, a changing world and scandal after scandal.

"What is it that you'd have me change?" she asks.


Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip's Romance Through the Years

The new season picks up with Her Majesety's Armed Forces fighting an illegal war in Egypt and ends with the downfall of Harold Macmillan, the third Prime Minister to serve with Queen Elizabeth. It's the 1960s, revolution here we come!

The trailer above gives glimpses at Prince Philip's travels, Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) and her romance with a photographer played by Matthew Goode, and the same stunning visuals you became used to in season one.

"To do nothing is often the best course of action. But history was not made by those who did nothing," Foy's Queen Elizabeth says.

The Crown season two will feature Dexter's Michael C. Hall as John F. Kennedy and Quarry star Jodi Balfour as Jacqueline Kennedy. You can see Balfour walking with Foy in a quick scene.

The new season is Foy's last. Emmy nominee Olivia Colman will play Queen Elizabeth in seasons three and four.

What do you think of the traiker? Season two premieres Friday, December 8 on Netflix.