How Rita Ora Masters Self-Acceptance With The Open Mic Project

By Taylor Stephan Nov 17, 2017 6:24 PMTags

Be yourself is good advice, so why don't more people do it?

As anyone who has dared to be their authentic self knows, putting yourself out there is easier said than done. For some like Rita Ora, being brave comes naturally. For others, it helps to see friends leading by example. That's where ABSOLUT Vodka's The Open Mic Project comes in. This revolutionary platform provides a safe space for anyone and everyone to share their voice (whatever it may be).

If you didn't know, Rita grew up as refugee and found her identity and self-acceptance through her music. That journey is exactly why Rita and The Open Mic Project are such a natural fit. If you share your story, too, you could even inspire a collaborative track about acceptance between Rita Ora and ABSOLUT Vodka.

Need some inspiration? Take these three personal journeys from E!'s own on-camera talent. 

Sibley Scoles talks about finding herself and her music identity by moving to London and gaining the confidence to succeed.


Erin Lim reveals her ongoing struggles living with Bell's Palsy and how leaning on friends and family for support made all the difference.

Zuri Hall shares her history of connecting with fans on a deeper level through inspirational and personal online videos.

Do you have a life-changing story of your own to share? Simply go to The Open Mic Project website and submit your unique story of acceptance.

Uploading your story is easy, and you never know who you could be reaching. Your story will even help inspire Rita Ora's next song!