Millie Bobby Brown and the Kardashians Are Having a Serious Lovefest on Twitter and OMG It's Amazing!

13-year-old reveals Keeping Up With the Kardashians is "Eleven's favorite!"

By Brett Malec Nov 02, 2017 4:50 PMTags

Let the fangirling continue! 

The other night, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown revealed she's "obsessed" with binge-watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians (her favorite show on TV).

"I love them, I really do," the 13-year old told Jimmy Fallon. "I'm obsessed with them," Millie continued. "I follow them on social media. I think that they are just like really great. They're so entertaining. They have their own like language. Like instead of saying I swear they're like ‘Bible!' And then they're like, ‘Okurrr!' It means like OK. It's like, ‘Okurrr!'"

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As it turns out the love is "mutual!"

Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter today to gush over Millie. "Yesterday, I tweeted how much I love Stranger Things and someone sent me this," Khloe write in reference to Millie's Fallon interview, adding, "It's a mutual love fest!! I LOVE you @milliebbrown! #Okurrrrttt this video made me smile from ear to ear BIBLE."

Millie responded, "Omg... I was on a plane and the stress watching the airplane mode not going off to tweet this!! Thank you and much love to all of u guys."

But there's more. Kris Jenner also responded to Millie, tweeting, "I love you @milliebbrown, you are so adorable! Thanks for watching #KUWTK! We are huge fans of yours also!! @jimmyfallon #Okurrr."

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"Glad you liked the show!" Millie responded. "But whilst filming #STS2 #KUWTK is alllll I would watch. It's eleven's favorite."

Then Kim Kardashian chimed in, "OMG @milliebbrown we love you bible!!!!"

And Millie replied, "BEST DAY EVER! Life complete."

Now can you all please hang out soon? OK, thanks!

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