Julia Roberts Reveals the Keys to Joy: ''Marry the Right Person''

Actress speaks about being mom to her three kids, Phinnaeus, Henry and Hazel

By Meg Swertlow Nov 01, 2017 8:23 PMTags

Julia Roberts is one of the most famous movie stars in the world and has been for decades, but a lot has changed during her 30-year career.

The bright-smiled beauty has gone from '80s ingenue to '90s big-budget superstar to super selective A-lister, who can pick exactly what roles she does and doesn't want (including her first foray into television), in order to focus on being a mother to three children, Phinnaeus, Henry and Hazel, with her husband of 15 yearsDanny Moder.

For the December issue of InStyle, America's most enduring sweetheart sits down with Editorial Director Jess Cagle and opens up about motherhood, transitioning into TV , her new family friendly film, Wonder, and what it means to turn 50.

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In the interview, the Georgia-born peach gave her three keys to joy:"Marry the right person, give birth to a redhead, and have great girlfriends."

The redhead she's talking about his oldest son, Finn, who is 12 years old, as is his twin sister Hazel.

Speaking about her twins, who will be 13 in November, the proud mama said that watching them grow up is bittersweet. "All the clichés are true," she said. "I’m so proud of them but also … "

The doting mom, who was briefly married to singer Lyle Lovett from 1993-1995, admitted, "I tried to carry somebody up to bed the other night, and it was just [couldn't]" 

Julia, whose first film role was in 1987, also discussed her decision to produce and star in her first TV series for Amazon’s upcoming Homecoming, based on the acclaimed psychological thriller podcast.

Of her decision to go to TV, Julia said, "I don’t want to go against my peoples, but it sort of is. There’s a lot of really good content and a lot of diversity."

She considers the Sam Esmail project, "a total experiment… I don’t even know what it really requires. I just know how to watch a TV show. I don’t know how to make one."

The series begins filming in 2018.

Julia also spoke about her upcoming 50th birthday, which was on Oct. 28. "I always love my birthday," she said, and added that she will celebrate "with open arms and gratitude … There’s nothing different about this birthday than any other one. Really, people? Are we still in that space? Did anyone ever go over this with George Clooney or Brad [Pitt] before their 50th birthdays?"

While we certainly catch her drift about obsessing over birthdays, those seasoned stars actually have talked about hitting a half century.

Julia may not have read up on the Cloones speaking about hitting the big five-oh in the trades, but the Oscar winner did do several interviews with outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter and Parade Magazine, about turning the benchmark age. Additionally, E! News previously covered Pitt's talking about his big birthday on the Today show back in 2013.