Wendy Williams Tears Up While Describing On-Air Faint: "It Was Really Scary"

Daytime talk show host addresses shocking fall during Tuesday's show

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 01, 2017 2:40 PMTags

Wendy Williams is "better now," but the on-air faint she endured on Tuesday was still "scary."

Recalling the shocking live event a day later during Wednesday's show, the daytime host assured the audience that it was not a stunt or joke. Instead, as she described, she was 48 minutes into the Halloween-themed show while dressed up as the Statue of Liberty when she was being briefed by a producer. According to Williams, she "felt it" as the woman was talking to her. "I'm like, 'Alright, Wendy, at least you're wearing flats and you're holding on to this and there's only 12 more minutes of the show. You can do it, girl." 

After feeling hot, a little dizzy and "weird," she knew something was not right. "It was scary," she recalled as her eyes began to well up. "It was really scary." 

While viewers feared she might have been having a stroke, heart attack or something was wrong with her head, the daytime host said she grabbed her head because, "If it's gonna go down, it's going to be as cute as I can make it."

As she added, "I'm going down with the crown." Fortunately, the star doesn't feel any aches from falling. However, Williams did acknowledge she may have pushed herself too hard. "I have a very, very hard work ethic," she told her audience.  


After she finished the show and went back to her office on Tuesday, she sad the paramedics ran tests and determined she was low on electrolytes. Her heart rate and blood pressure were "fine."

"I'm a 53-year-old middle-aged woman going through what middle-aged women go through if you know what I mean," she quipped. "The costume got hot. All the sudden right before passing out, I felt like I was in the middle of a campfire."

After the paramedics checked her out, she was met by a crowd of press, paparazzi and fans as she and her husband headed home. As Williams joked, they managed to shake the paparazzi by living in New Jersey because they stopped following her. 

Jokes aside, she offered her gratitude for all of the well wishes. "I want to thank you all for your tweets and your flowers and my colleagues in this game on TV, I got all of your well wishes," she said.  

As for her final comment on the topic, she declared, "For people who thought that I was [stroking out] trying to get this chair next, nope, I'm here for a long time."