November 2017 Horoscopes: How the Stars Affect Your Fall Wardrobe

What should you add to your fall wardrobe?

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As the weather changes, the energy around us does, too.

"November serves up a dark and blazing light in true Scorpio form," spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield told E! News. "Time to bring old wounds to the surface, give them proper recognition and then bury them with a goodbye. When you do, greater joy can come through for you."

And as we get closer to the holiday season, joy is the goal. In order to remain joyous, you can't let others bring you down: "It's tempting to want to tell another where they've gone wrong but keep your attention on you," Lisa shared.

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The best way to keep the attention on yourself is to invite opportunities for pampering and even a little shopping. A new addition to your fall wardrobe can make a big difference.

Check out what you should to your fall wardrobe below!


This month shines a light on how deep your devoted heart can go. There are rich payoffs this month when you transform your relationships through self-examination and forgiveness. Your secret is out: You are one of the most loving signs. It's just buried under the disappointment you feel when others don't feel as deeply as you. Watch for real signs of progress this month and try heart-shaped necklines to remind yourself of the love you feel.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

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You will be rewarded this month for all of the lessons you've learned. You also have to set the example for others this month when tensions run high in relationships (not everyone learns as fast as you). Your strong suit is to put information to good use and you'll need it because conflict is in the stars this month. Put on your best rain gear to protect you from the elements as the weather (and energy) changes. Don't worry, you get your happily ever after moments, too.  


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You've been going through it for a couple months now, but you've got rewards for lessons learned this month for you, too. Now you know just how strong you are. That means you get to indulge in a little retail therapy, the kind you love most, something of the best quality.  So put that gorgeous jewelry on that reminds you how strong and precious you really are.  


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Your intelligence and patience pays off this month! Keep your focus on improving every situation, but keep in mind you won't always be right and things won't always turn out perfect. While the people around you appreciate it, there may be some push back. Keep it cool with a blue addition to your fall wardrobe.


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You're an empathic person—kind to others, understanding and emotionally aware. That's great, but this month you'll need to set healthy boundaries. If you don't, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the pain of others. Know when to say no and mean it. Draw the line with geometric prints or black and white ensembles.


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It's going to be a sweet month for you in the most unexpected ways. As brave as you are, the sharp twists and turns can make you nervous. Breathe deep and enjoy the ride!  Find anything that reminds you to buckle up, like fabulous belt, and enjoy an adventure that will bring lifelong memories.

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My dear bull, we know you're strong. This month will call you to let go of the way you wish life would happen and open up to a whole new possibility. When you hit a roadblock, let it show you what it is that matters most. You may need to rework the situation or your thinking. Be sweet to yourself when you're frustrated or disappointment. Wrap yourself in soft colors and fabrics to soothe you through those thorny moments. Things are better than they initially seem

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You have the right attitude, and now you're swimming in opportunities. The trick is to sort through them and find what's right for you. While people may not be as happy for you as you'd like, put on your best high-heeled boots so your attitude stays on an elevated level.


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You've got to get rid of some sticky habits of dependency these next few weeks. You're starting to realize when you give too much, which allows you to avoid resentment when your good deed isn't appreciated or returned. Spend time focused on what you feel and what you need, not on what someone else did or didn't do. This isn't always an easy task so add a pair of combat boots to remind yourself of your strength.

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Instead of wishing life could be "like it used to be," your goal this month is to create new beginnings. Look at your world with fresh eyes and self-compassion and you'll suddenly see there's more in front of you than you realized. Put on your best glasses and take a closer look for good news that awaits you. The new positive changes will be just as good as your nostalgic past.

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My perfectionists, this month requires you to take a good look at where you've taken more than you gave. Don't worry, your past generosity comes back to you, as well. Grab a purse with room to stock up on thank you notes for your benefactors and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. You'll get early rewards and gratitude from those you care about.  

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The scales have tipped in your favor this month. Your challenge is to recognize the good luck when it arrives.  Don't let fear keep you back from enjoying your newfound opportunities. Create a fall wardrobe that opens you up to what's ahead like something that flows and swings without too many buttons, buckles or restraint. Then, walk forward with confidence that good things are headed your way!

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