This Is Us' Mandy Moore Is Delighted Everyone Now Knows the Latest Twist

Miguel's not quite as bad as we all thought he was

By Lauren Piester Nov 01, 2017 2:37 AMTags

We no longer have to hate Miguel! 

At least according to Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, and Susan Kelechi Watson, we don't have to hate Miguel, all because we now know that Rebecca spent at least eight years single after Jack's death. 

We discovered this because tonight, This Is Us flashed back to 2008, when Beth was pregnant with Tess and Randall was panicking just a little bit. Rebecca came to help welcome the baby, and asked Beth to help her set up a Facebook account so she could keep up with baby pictures. 

Cue a message from Miguel, asking Rebecca how she'd been for the past eight years. 

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"I think that's gonna come as a complete shock. It is a real revelation," Moore said during the weekly This Is Us aftershow on Facebook. "Miguel did not swoop in either before Jack's death or right after. This is ten years removed from his passing, and the feelers are just sort of being put out there." 

"America will love Miguel!" Watson declared, apparently determined to change the minds and hearts of all the viewers who decided they hated Miguel after it was revealed that he and Rebecca were married in 2016. 

We can't say we love him yet, but maybe we'll get there. Maybe. 


Tonight's episode also found late 20s Kate and Kevin struggling their way to adulthood and improv teams, while the whole family went trick or treating as kids. One of the neighbors strangely decided to tell Randall he was a replacement for a lost baby, forcing Rebecca to tell him the truth before she planned to. 

It was a very bad move on the neighbor's part, but you can bet it still resulted in a super heartwarming moment between little Randall and Rebecca, and a super heartwarming flashback to Rebecca introducing herself to her new son. 

Oh and we also learned that Tess is named after a ceiling fan. Because of course. 

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