Outlander Comes to Grips with Post-Reunion Reality

Claire and Jamie have a lot of things to work through now that they're finally back together

By Lauren Piester Oct 30, 2017 1:01 AMTags
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Buh bye print shop!

After all that fuss over the big "print shop reunion," it was a little bit sad to see the place go up in smoke tonight, all because Jamie's been up to some very bad things. He's a smuggler, he's a treasonous printer, and he's also got another wife!

Sure, he claimed he never loved anyone else but Claire, but that wife thing's still going to be a pretty big deal, we're pretty sure. 

The smuggling and sedition is also going to be a big deal, just based on what troubles it's already caused. Claire got attacked by an exciseman and ended up killing him on accident, and now his body's hidden in a cask of creme de menthe, while Ian had to set the print shop on fire when he saw another exciseman snooping around and happening upon Jamie's pamphlets. 

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But it's not just Jamie's "professional" life that's causing problems. After that sexy sexy reunion, real life sort of set in for Claire, who wondered if she and Jamie could get their own place that's not in a brothel. But why, Jamie wondered, when the brothel has everything they could need, including constant background sex noises?

Claire also took issue with the way Jamie dealt with young Ian, especially when regular Ian showed up looking for him. Jamie pretended he hadn't seen his nephew at all, believing he was keeping the kid out of trouble while also teaching him the ways of the smuggling world. When Claire pointed out that Ian's not his kid to raise, Jamie got pretty upset. He didn't get to raise his own kid, and now she's gallivanting around in bikinis!


In Jamie's mind, smuggling is a cool and important life lesson for children, but bikinis belong in hell! So there are definitely a few things for this couple to work out. 

Claire's doctor skills also came in handy quite a bit tonight. She was determined to save the exciseman who attacked her, even though he attacked her, and helping him also led her to another patient known as Margaret Campbell. Her brother believes her to be a seer, but if you ask Claire, she's just got a mental disorder. 

"Crème de menthe" was an interesting episode, but sort of a sad follow up to the excitement of last week. Now that Jamie and Claire have reunited, what do we all do? What does Claire do with her vast knowledge of medicine in a world that's so far behind? And can Jamie keep living on this edge now that the love of his life is back? Can this show keep up the momentum it had going into last week? Just how bad of an influence is Fergus on young Ian? 

We'll all just have to see!

Outlander airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.