Mindhunter Season 2 and Beyond: What Does the Future of the True Crime Drama Look Like?

Jonathan Groff, Anna Torv, and Holt McCallany talk serial killer research and the BTK killer

By Lauren Piester Oct 27, 2017 2:00 PMTags
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If you've spent the past couple of weeks wondering about the future of Mindhunter, your latest true crime obsession, you're not alone.

Netflix's 1970s David Fincher series debuted on October 13, giving us a look back at a time before the term "serial killer" even existed, when the concept of people (mostly men) sequentially killing people off in alarming patterns was one that had gone largely unnoticed. 

After many unexplained glimpses at the early killing days of Dennis Rader (also known as the BTK killer) and a couple of mental breakdowns that tore the show's central team apart, Mindhunter season one ended in a pretty frustrating place to not yet have a season two premiere date on lock. 

According to the cast, no official discussions about what happens next have occurred, but not all hope is lost for Holden (Jonathan Groff), Wendy (Anna Torv), and Bill (Holt McCallany). 

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"Ultimately, it's a quality we share as actors, but that our characters also share, is that we're there for the work at the end of the day. So inetivably, the desire to continue the work that they equally find incredibly important hopefully will allow them to overcome their personal dissonance," Groff tells us, referring to the fact that nobody was very happy with the turn Holden's behavior had taken after interacting with so many psychopathic killers. 

Of course, he ended up having a panic attack on the floor of a hospital after being summoned by killer number one, Ed Kemper, so hopefully he's even doing well enough to work when the show (hopefully) returns. 


As for Dennis Rader, those little interstitial scenes could be continuing for many seasons/years to come. 

"The thing to remember about the BTK killer from Wichita is that his career as a serial killer spanned thirty years, so he wasn't arrested until I think like 2005," McCallany says. "We're in 1978 when we start our show, so it's a really interesting thing that I don't think you would see on another show where we're introducing a criminal who we might be chasing for the entire length of the series." 

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Mindhunter is now streaming on Netflix.