This Taylor Swift Doppelgänger Is Blowing Our Minds

Laura Miriam is a British college student, but she's easily mistaken for the pop star

By Kendall Fisher Oct 26, 2017 11:42 PMTags

Alert the Swifties! We may have a long lost Taylor Swift twin on our hands...

There's a British college student named Laura Miriam who has our minds totally blown with just how much she looks like the red-lipped pop superstar.

Not only does she rock Tay's similar hued pout, she has the same haircut as the singer, she dresses the same, and she even loves cats!

In fact, while looking through her photos, there were several pics we had to stare long and hard at before deciding whether it was her or T.Swift.

Celebrities and Their Non-Famous Look-Alikes

And it happens it real life, too!

Laura has shared a couple pics with "fans" asking for a photo of her simply because she looks so much like TayTay. 

See the similarities for yourself by watching the video above!