Best Shampoos & Conditioners, Based on Celebrity Hair Textures

Celebrity hairstylists reveal the products they use on their clients

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When it comes to hair, there isn't a one-size-fits-all process.

Each person's hair has its own needs, based on their hair texture and desired styling. To be honest, no matter your texture, you probably wouldn't know which shampoo and conditioner to buy from walking down the beauty aisle. It's a personal purchase, and marketing and advertising don't offer individualized solutions. 

For celebrity hairstylists, shampoos and conditioners provide the foundation to great styling (similar to the effect cleanser and moisturizer have on makeup). So, finding these products right are a must. And, it's impossible to do without considering the star's natural hair texture.

How to Style Your Hair, Based on Your Outfit

Thankfully, celeb-loved hairstylists are more than willing to share their client's hair texture and the products that help to create their red carpet-worthy hair, so you can buy your shampoo with confidence.

The first step: Use the chart above to determine your hair texture. (One to four ranges from straight, to wavy, to curly, to kinky. The ABCs indicate the level of texture. For instance, if you're a 1B like Kathryn Newton, you have moderately-straight hair, or you're a 1C like Jamie Chung, you have straight-to-wavy hair). Then, scroll down to find the shampoo and conditioner that will work best for you.

1A: Chloe Grace Moretz

Go-to Hairstyle: Straight to beach wavy blonde tresses

L'Oréal Paris

The star works with hairstylist Anh Co Tran.

"[This shampoo] has a good balance of protein and moisture, plus it also smells wonderful," Anh Co Tran told Today.

Hair Expert Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo, $5.99

L'Oréal Paris

Hair Expert Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner, $5.99

1B: Kathryn Newton

Go-to Hairstyle: Long, naturally straight-to-wavy blonde hair

Living Proof

The star works with hairstylist Sheridan Ward.

"It's a great sulphate and paraben-free range, smells divine and it really helps to adds extra volume and lightness to the hair, which is perfect for those smoother hair types that suffer from lack of volume and lustre," her hairstylist Sheridan Ward told E! News.

Full Shampoo, $59

Living Proof

Full Conditioner, $59

1C: Jamie Chung

Go-to Hairstyle: Highlighted and curled, mid-length hair

Bumble & Bumble

The star works with hairstylist Sheridan Ward.

"This great product from Bumble & Bumble is great for wavy hairstyles and is packed full of volumnizing minerals to help keep your hair looking effortlessly tousled," the beauty pro told us.

Surf Foam Wash Shampoo, $25

Bumble & Bumble

Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner, $27

2A: Becky G

Go-to Hairstyle: Beach waves or (now) a straight bob


The star works with hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez.

"I really llike using this shampoo because it helps to make hair more manageable and renew damaged hair," Cynthia shared with us. "It's also great to eliminate split ends."  

Nutritive Solutions Shampoo Intensive Repair, $5.99


"[This conditioner] helps to strengthen hair to handle the everyday damage from daily styling routines," she added.

Nutritive Solutions Conditioner Intensive Repair, $3.99

2B: Dascha Polanco

Go-To Hairstyle: Long, highlighted or dyed hair with various daily styles (i.e. buns, ponytails, etc)



The star works with hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez.

"[This set] keeps frizz at bay with moisture that won't weigh curls down," Cynthia revealed. "I love how this duo allows curls to look soft, defined with tons of shine." 

Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo, $18


Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner, $20

2C: Zendaya

Go-to Hairstyle: Retro, voluminous hairstyling that commonly feature her soft curls.

Schwarzkopf Gliss

The star works with hairstylist Larry Sims.

"Curly hair tends to be dry," her hairstylist mentioned. "The natural oil moisturizes the curls and prevents split ends."

Hair Repair Nourishment & Split End Relief Oil Nutritive Shampoo, $5.49

Schwarzkopf Gliss

Hair Repair Oil Nutritive Conditioner, $6.97

3A: Solange Knowles

Go-to Hairstyle: Voluminous natural hair and braided styles



The star works with hairstylist Vernon François.

"This is the best shampoo for happy curls, coils and waves because it has an ingredient which works to boost the shape of your strands," Vernon told E! News. "It also protects hair from harsh weather conditions and is sulfate-free, so it gently cleanses and moisture stays where it's needed. Three natural oils—mongongo, baobab and coconut—nourish hair and encourage healthy growth."

CURL~ Shampoo, $26


WHIPPED~Deep Conditioner, $39

3B: Corinne Foxx

Go-to Hairstyle: Flat-ironed tresses with loose curls

Hairstylist: Amanda Ambroise, Stylist at Warren Tricomi Salon

Shu Uemura

The star works with beauty pro Amanda Ambroise, Stylist at Warren Tricomi Salon.

"This shampoo is great because it cleanses hair without stripping the hair and scalp of its natural oils, while also drawing out impurities and build up on the scalp," beauty pro Amanda Ambroise revealed to us. 

Cleansing Oil Shampoo, $57

Shu Uemura

"Corrine wears her hair mostly straight," the hairstylist mentioned. Like many women with curly hair that prefer to straighten their hair, heat protection is key. "This conditioning mask is rich in moisture. It replenishes the hair and helps against the drying effects of heat styling."

Urban Moisture Hydro-Nourishing Deep Treatment Masque, $68

3C: Tracee Ellis Ross

Go-to Hairstyle: Voluminous, curly hair

Hairstylist: Larry Sims

Schwarzkopf Gliss

The star works with hairstylist Larry Sims.

"Tracee wears her hair really big," Larry shared. "The shampoo and conditioner gives amazing volume for diffused or air dried hair."

Hair Repair Extra Volume Shampoo, $5.96

Schwarzkopf Gliss

Hair Repair Extra Volume Conditioner, $5.96

4A: Anika Noni Rose

Go-To Hairstyle: Light-to-dark brown curly hair that now includes high-top cut 

Hairstylist: Cynthia Alvarez


The star works with hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez.

"I love how it's gentle but it works to clean and condition curls that are thick and need extra nourishment," celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez told E! News. "Not many people know this but quinoa is an amazing natural ingredient that is great to help repair hair leaving it instantly silky and super soft. It really is a miracle ingredient that strengthens hair, which in turn adds length because there isn't any breakage."

Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Quinoa Co–Wash, $32

4B: Jade Eshete

Go-to Hairstyle: Luxurious afro hairstyles

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Cheers to beautiful hair!

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