Jimmy Fallon Blows Up a Pumpkin and TPs The Tonight Show Audience In Halloween Science Experiments

During an episode of the late-night talk show, the host and Kevin Delaney performed some spooktacular experiments

By Elyse Dupre Oct 26, 2017 1:08 PMTags

Now that's some spooktacular science.

Just in time for Halloween, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Delaney performed some freaky science experiments on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show

The first experiment started off pretty tame. Fallon and the Street Science host created bubbles filled with dry ice—or what the late-night host enthusiastically referred to as "ghost bubbles."

Even though the experiment was cool, it wasn't necessarily scary. However, Fallon's heart started pumping after the two performed their second experiment. Delaney stepped inside a clear booth and filled a bottle with dry ice and water, creating pressure. He then stuck it inside a rotting pumpkin and fled the booth. The two watched in suspense as the pressure built and finally caused the pumpkin to explode—leading Fallon to spring back in a startled reaction.

"Trick or treat! You alright?" Delaney said, helping Fallon up from the floor. He then warned the audience, "Don't do this with your pumpkins at home." 

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But their last experiment was the real treat. Playing off of the classic toilet paper prank, the two experimenters leveraged Bernoulli's principle to TP the crowd. Summarizing the principle, Delaney said, "when fast moving air moves over a surface, it creates an area of low pressure that creates lift." 

So, the two hosts used a leaf blower to shoot more than 100 toilet paper and streamer rolls at the audience.

Watch the videos to see the mad scientists at work.

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