"This is too screwed up...even for you." 

It was only a matter of time before American Horror Story: Cult really embraced some weird sex stuff, so good on Winter (Billie Lourd) for standing up and saying no to the three way with the gay detective and her own brother, which was supposedly going to impregnate her with the next messiah. 

It was a ritual Kai The Councilman just made up, because he's truly and completely disgusting as well as terrifying. He's now got his own private cult army running security around town, because he basically owns the city council. And now, everyone on this show is either in the cult or dead. 

Ally's (Sarah Paulson) now a Kai follower since he cured her of all her fears. Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson), who hadn't realized what his brother had been doing, tried to reach out to Ally, but she betrayed him, and now he's dead. Winter keeps changing her mind every five minutes, defying Kai and then going along with it, killing fellow cult members (RIP Detective Samuels/Colton Haynes) and then lying, saying that Beverly (Adina Porter) did it. 

Beverly seems to be the only one who's figured enough things out to be disillusioned, but Kai's got her captured. So now we're just kind of left wondering what comes next. 

American Horror Story: Cult, AHS: Cult


Is there anyone left to root for? Is there anyone we care about anymore? Is that even the point of this? 

Tonight's episode wasn't exactly bad, but it also wasn't fun to watch, and the taste it left in our mouths was somehow worse than any other episode so far this season. Last week felt so promising with all the women banding together against Kai, so hopefully there are some fun twists to come (in which Kai is murdered or thrown in jail). 

And hopefully we never have to see or think about that "Judgment House" ever again. 

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 

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