Gerard Butler Looks Like a New Man After Shaving Off His Beard

In preparation for a photoshoot for his upcoming film Hunter Killer the actor removed his facial hair

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The shave in action. Consider myself trimmed, finally.

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Gerard Butler looks like a new man.

The actor shared a video of him shaving his beard and mustache on Instagram, and it looks like the experience was slightly heartbreaking for him. 

"So here I am about to shoot…what do you call this? Shave? Shave my beard off after a year of having it on," Butler said, stumbling over his words. "I'm totally depressed." 

The 300 star explained that he had to remove his facial hair and trim his locks for a photoshoot for his upcoming film Hunter Killer. Still, parting ways with his beard wasn't easy, especially considering he's "literally had this since last December and it's been way longer too."

Nevertheless, the How to Train Your Dragon voiceover star took his electric razor and began to shave—grimacing and crying out "Oh my God!" and "Mommy!" throughout the process. He also had to receive a bit of instruction for how to remove the facial hair.

As attached as he was to his scruff, there was no turning back. Even though he took a brief break—"I'm just going to leave it like that; it looks good"—he eventually finished the job. 

Watch the video to see the process.

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In addition to posting the video, the Geostorm actor shared before-and-after shots of his look.



R.I.P. Butler's beard.

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