Why Macklemore ''Can't Really Imagine'' Having a Baby Boy After the Birth of His First Daughter

"Thrift Shop" rapper dishes on fatherhood and why he wants baby No. 2 with wife Tricia Davis to be a girl

By Cydney Contreras Oct 23, 2017 7:45 PMTags
Watch: Why Macklemore Can't Imagine Having a Baby Boy

Macklemore doesn't know if he is ready to take on the challenges that little boys pose—challenges like getting peed on.

The rapper, whose real name is Benjamin Haggerty, recently told E! News in an interview at CBS Radio's 5th Annual We Can Survive concert in Los Angeles about his worries about having a boy and how fatherhood has changed him.

Him and wife Tricia Davis announced they're expecting in September, and while he feels like he's "supposed to want a boy cause I already have a girl," the father is not too sure he is ready for a boy.

Macklemore Reveals Wife Tricia Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2

With two years raising daughter Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty under his belt, he admits he "just can't really picture" bringing a boy into the mix. Especially, Macklemore jokes, when considering diaper changes and how "those things go all over the place."


He is not alone in this, because neither can his adorable daughter. Or, at least, she just doesn't want to. The "Thrift Shop" rapper said Sloane really wants a sister and is "not feeling a brother at all."

Worries and diaper changing aside, the star is excited to welcome another life into the world. After having his daughter, he feels that he is "happier" and "more fulfilled."


For him, having a child was life changing, explaining that, "When you bring another life into this world it does something, it changes you in this magical way that I have never experienced before."

Regardless of whether it's a boy or girl, we can't wait to meet the new addition to the Haggerty family!