Cardi B Says She Was Kicked Out of Hotel in "Racist" Albany, NY and Accused of Smoking Weed

Hotel reps declined to comment on the incident, which took place after the "Bodak Yellow" rapper performed at the city's Times Union Center

By Corinne Heller Oct 22, 2017 8:21 PMTags

Cardi B says she was kicked out a Hilton hotel in Albany in upstate New York on Saturday after authorities accused her and her team of smoking weed, which she denies, adding that the allegation was racially-motivated.

Hotel reps declined to comment on the incident. Albany police confirmed to E! News that cops responded a report from the hotel but declined to give details. The incident took place after the "Bodak Yellow" rapper, who is from New York City, performed at Times Union Center in Albany. No arrests were reported.

TMZ posted a video of Cardi B leaving the hotel. While walking, she called someone a "racist motherf--ker" and appeared to knock down a display.

"So me & my team got kicked out of this hotel in Albany cause my floor smell like weed mine You I hate weed," she tweeted on Sunday morning.

She soon posted a series of selfie videos talking about the incident.

"You wanna know something? Albany is known for being racist," she said. "The floor that I was staying in in my hotel room, it smelled like weed. So the cops came in the middle of the night, knocking on my manager and on my door, talking about that we were smoking weed and we gotta get kicked out."

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Cardi B said that she doesn't even "talk about smoking weed" because "everybody knows that I do not smoke weed; I get very paranoid."

"And none of my team members smoke weed," she said. "We could all get drug tests—nobody smokes. Nobody smokes. Especially when I'm sleeping're not gonna do that to me. Mind you, everybody on the floor was Caucasian but you wanna kick us out."

"And then n---as is just gonna pick out of everybody on the floor, Caucasians, that it was us that was smoking the weed in the middle of the night?" she said. "That s--t is not f--king right. Like, n---as was really being racists. Motherf--kers was being prejudiced and picking on who the f--k they thought that was smoking weed and you got the wrong f--king one. I'm telling you, I do not smoke weed."

"And I really don't want to be the one that pulls the 'race card,' like, 'Oh, they did that 'cause they're racist,' but that is the only explanation that I could f--king find because I don't understand, like, lemme tell you something, I don't walk around with a whole entourage; it just be me, my manager, my security guard, the DJ and my dancers and nobody smokes weed," Cardi B continued. "So for motherf--kers to just say like, 'Oh, we're kicking you guys out because there's a smell of marijuana,' so why don't ya'll search the room? And then they told us that earlier, there was some rap artist that was smoking weed and they got kicked out too. We're not associated with them. So why- I just can't. I can't, really. I really can't."

Ahead of her rant, Cardi B had what appeared to be a drama-filled night. She shocked fans when she posted on Instagram Stories a video of herself that read, "Single."

Cardi B, who is dating fellow hip-hop artist Offset, later wrote, "So listen babes, I exaggerated alil bit earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme. I came to my senses now. Im sorry...waffle house on me?"

She later wrote on Twitter, "Reasons why me and Offset got into it ...I think he stoled my purple blanket but it wasn't him so I'm still looking for the suspect."

"Naaa but on a serious note I really loveeeee my man," she added. "He was gifted to me from Jesus."