Ellen DeGeneres Torments Kate Hudson With a Movie Night Gone Terribly Wrong

Actress is force fed tequila in this hilarious sketch from The Ellen DeGeneres Show

By McKenna Aiello Oct 12, 2017 9:03 PMTags

Bottoms up! 

To promote her upcoming entertainment book, Pretty FunKate Hudson stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show with a lesson in throwing the perfect movie night complete with popcorn and margaritas. Of course, this wasn't any 'ol party guide, and Ellen DeGeneres couldn't help but step in (or behind Kate) with a few tips of her own. 

Wearing a polka dot dress and apron, DeGeneres slipped her arms through Hudon's sleeves and took total control of the hilarious demonstration. 

"Since you're an event throwing expert, we thought it would be fun if you gave everyone some tips and I were to help," the comedienne explained. "So I wrote everything that you're going to say, all you have to do is read from the prompter and I'm going to be your hands. So it's pretty self-explanatory, obviously."

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Following Ellen's lead, the actress introduced herself as "Hollywood's Kate Hudson from Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Kung Fu Panda 3."

From there, Hudson laid down the most important aspect of party planning, which according to DeGeneres, involves a lot of tequila. In her words, "The No. 1 rule for all of it is to make sure the host has the best time. So before your guests arrive I like to get really, really drunk." 

That's when Ellen picked up the bottle of tequila and forced Kate to take a few hearty sips. There was also a fair amount of Ellen scratching the celeb's recently buzzed 'do and sticking her fingers in Kate's ear. 

It's a must-see to believe type of situation. 

Watch the clip above and prepare to L-O-L!