Why Kendall + Kylie Lingerie Is the Jenners' Best Collection Yet

How to wear the Topshop offerings in real life

By Diana Nguyen Oct 12, 2017 7:57 PMTags
ESC: Kendall JennerCourtesy Topshop

When Kendall and Kylie Jenner release a collection, we know about it.

As was such the case with Kendall + Kylie DropOne, DropTwo, DropThree and even their swimwear collection. The social blitz, which ignites the second the girls post a promo, makes the launches hard to miss. So when the famous duo's lingerie collection, available at Topshop, quietly emerged Wednesday—without fanfare or notice on either of the young women's social accounts, we were left questioning the line's integrity.

Do Kendall and Kylie even care about this line? Is it somehow subpar to the others?

Then we looked at the collection, and any lingering doubts quickly evaporated. We could even argue this latest release is the Jenner sisters' best yet. Why? In a nutshell, it's just them.

Kendall + Kylie Drop Three, Ranked

"'Beautiful lingerie shouldn't be completely hidden under clothes anymore,' say Kendall and Kylie Jenner of their hotly anticipated lingerie collection. Inspired by the sisters' iconic personal style, the pieces are designed to make their own statement," describes Topshop on its website.

This collection isn't great because of the retailer's affordable (in comparison to designer) price points or that it is endorsed by the Kardashian konglomerate. It's that most of the pieces in the 37-item collection looks like something the sisters have worn in real life—not in magazine spreads, at a promotional event or for a brand campaign—but on the street, in Instagram posts, when their reality (albeit a tad dramatic) relates and excites our own. That's the famous family's whole allure, isn't it? 

That's not to say Kendall and Kylie's other collections didn't reflect their personal styles—there have been several offerings we could see—and saw—them wearing. But we cannot acknowledge the undergarments-as-outerwear style movement without giving credit to two of the trend's biggest proponents. How many times have we seen Kendall in a lace bralette paired with a structured blazer or distressed T-shirt? Or King Kylie in high-waisted bottoms and a sports bra on Instagram? You can thank the entire Kardshian-Jenner clan for the bodysuit craze of 2016.

This collection simply feels most like them. There's nothing in it that they wouldn't wear. How do we know? Keep scrolling to see similar styles they've worn before.

Sweet in Sweats

As sultry as she looks, Kylie is sittin' (and standing) pretty in this kind-of comfy combo. Jersey is typically a casual fabric, but when paired with lace-up-like details, it lends a sexier, night-out feel. 

Jersey Bra

Kendall + Kylie Jersey Bra, $60

Sheer Genius

We've seen Kendall wear a black, long-sleeve sheer shirt over many of her bra or crop top combos. When baring a lot, a covering like this adds a more sophisticated finish. 

Mesh Sweatshirt

Kendall + Kylie Mesh Sweatshirt, $90

Keep to the Basics

How do you elevate a simple, basic bra? Expose it with a distressed tee for a totally '90s look. 

Velvet Bra

Kendall + Kylie Velvet Bra, $80

Bod Goals

Like the rest of her family, Kylie is a big fan of bodysuits, as displayed on her 21st birthday. If you're opting for a sheer iteration, pair it with sturdier fabrics like leather or denim. 

V-Neck Body

Kendall + Kylie V-Neck Body, $160


For a more subtle take on the bralette trend, expose just a peek of the neckline and leave everything else to the imagination. 

Mesh Bra

Kendall + Kylie Mesh Bra, $90

Lace It Up

If you want to wear your lace pieces out and about, do as Kendall and pair it over a simple white tee. It's at both times edgy and feminine. 

Square Neck Brale

Kendall + Kylie Square Neck Bralet, $80

So why haven't the sisters been promoting the launch? Perhaps it's the pregnancy rumors. Perhaps they're still dealing with the flak from a previous collection, in which they used images of iconic artists, including Notorious B.I.G., Tupac and Pink Floyd, without permission.

Perhaps this lingerie line is so representative of their personal style, nothing else needs to be said.

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