The Platinum Life Recap: The Ladies Take a Trip to Vegas and Alycia Bella Opens up About Her Breakup

The Platinum Life premiere is bringing the drama

By Vannessa Jackson Oct 16, 2017 3:00 AMTags
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They're just getting started! 

On tonight's premiere of The Platinum Life, Asiah Collins, La'Myia Good, Shantel Jackson, LoLa Monroe, Alycia Bella, Nazanin Mandi and Crystal Smith gave us a look into their lives as the wives and girlfriends of some of the hottest artists in the music world. 

The social circles these ladies run in are tight, and as we learned on the first episode, there are no fake friendships in this group. They put it all on the table! "The music industry circle is quite small," Asiah shared. "So if you're having an issue, it can spread around really quickly." 

The Platinum Life: Meet the Cast

Lets just say, Asiah has a big issue with Crystal. "Things with Ne-Yo's wife, Crystal and I, got a little bit messy a while back," Asiah revealed. They still haven't squashed the drama, and the two got into a huge fight over leg room on a private jet. Yep. How the other side lives. 

While they're busy duking it out, some of the other ladies are busy trying to rebuild their lives. LoLa is working to get her music career back on track since the birth of her first child, which means she's going to need all the support she can get from her partner King Los. And Alycia is still healing from her high-profile breakup with a famous rapper. 

See it all go down this week's in the recap video above!