Matt Damon Crashes Chris Hemsworth's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Interview

"I'm on the show! I made it!" the actor says after jumping in on Mark Ruffalo and Taika Waititi's chat

By Zach Johnson Oct 11, 2017 11:35 AMTags

Maybe one day Matt Damon will make it onto Jimmy Kimmel's couch.

As Chris Hemsworth was promoting Thor: Ragnarok on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday, the actor revealed director Taika Waititi and co-star Mark Ruffalo were watching backstage. Kimmel praised Ruffalo's character, calling it "the best version" he's ever seen. "I liked the previous versions of The Hulk—not all of them," he said. Sometimes The Hulk can be too fake looking."

Hemsworth agreed, saying, "The technology's advanced, and Taika said, 'Don't do what we've done before.' And Mark, on many occasions, looked at me and said, 'Are we wrecking this film?'" The camera cut to Ruffalo, who was ready for the premiere across the street at the El Capitan Theatre. "I love this Hulk," the host said. "This is a beautiful Hulk you've put together." Jokingly, he told Ruffalo, "It's weird to see you in clothes—usually you're all naked and ripped."

As Hemsworth said he's grown "close" with Ruffalo, Damon snuck into the frame backstage. "Hold on a second. Let me talk to Taika," Kimmel said. "Just get the camera away from that side." Kimmel apologized for "the interruption," only to have Damon reposition himself next to the director. "All right! It's the Mighty Thor, not the Mighty Bore, so maybe take a walk!" Kimmel told Damon. Apologizing to Ruffalo and Waititi again, Kimmel said, "I'm so sorry. He's not supposed to go into the guest's rooms. He has his own area that he's supposed to stay in."

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But Damon wasn't going anywhere. "I'm on the show! I'm on!" he said. "I made it!"

"You're not on the show," Kimmel told him. "This does not count as being on the show!"

As the camera zoomed in on Ruffalo, Damon fired back at Kimmel. "This is what movie actors look like right here!" he said. "We didn't ride Adam Carolla's coattails, OK? We did it ourselves."

Kimmel cut the feed and apologized to Hemsworth. The actor said he's "friends with him," but only out of pity. "I feel sorry for him. He has nothing. I saw a friend in need, so I just decided to extend a handshake." Hemsworth confirmed he has vacationed with Damon, but joked it was not planned. "He turned up at my house in Australia—uninvited. But I'm an open person, so..."

Damon, whose faux feud with Kimmel dates back to 2004, then appeared on the giant screen behind the two stars. "I'm on the show! I hacked into the system," he yelled. To their disbelief, Damon said, "I've been here for a really long time, Jimmy. Decades! I've learned a lot of stuff!"

Kimmel had prepared for something like that. "Put up the screensaver!" he instructed as a photo of Damon's Liberace character replaced the feed. "Put up the emergency screensaver!" The show then went to commercial break, and afterward, Hemsworth debuted a new film clip.