Here's the Most Popular Halloween Candy in Your State breaks down the most widely sold sweet treats across America during the spooky season

By Kendall Fisher Oct 11, 2017 1:29 AMTags

It's that time of year again!

You've already started planning your epic costume, you've scheduled your annual trip to the pumpkin patch, but have you begun thinking about what candy you'll be passing out to the cute, little trick-or-treaters who come knocking on your door?

Well, fear not! The Candy Store just unveiled 10 years' worth of investigations to find out which Halloween candy is most popular in each individual state, diving into sweet treat sales from 2006 to 2016 throughout the spooky season.

Stars Celebrate Halloween 2017

While California is all about chocolate, purchasing over 1.5 million pounds worth of M&Ms, Texas prefers their candy on the fruity side, buying nearly two million pounds of Starburst over the course of the study. We couldn't believe Lemonheads (of all candy!) was the most popular in Louisiana, while people in Colorado must prefer to consume their Halloween treats under a starry sky—Milky Ways are their favorite!

But no matter which treats you purchase, the National Retail Federation estimates shoppers will spend somewhere around $2.7 billion on Halloween candy this year. 

Want to learn more? Launch the video above!