PRETTYMUCH's Brandon Arreaga and Edwin Honoret Reveal Their Celebrity Crushes

"We are like brothers now," the singer says

By Diana Marti Oct 11, 2017 1:39 AMTags

Simon Cowell's new band PRETTYMUCH just released their music video for "Teacher, " and it's pretty awesome.

We got to chat with the band's Brandon Arreaga and Edwin Honoret who tell us that all about how it all got started. 

"We were all kind of doing our own thing on social media, just at home, and then we received a message from Sony Music inviting us to audition in NY. So we went, and the rest is history I guess. We met each other and just vibed right away, and then we were put together as a group, and all moved out to LA together," Honoret tells E! News. "We are like brothers now."

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Having Cowell having such a massive role with One Direction we wondered if that made them feel like they had to live up to a certain standard. 

"Simon is like the God Father, and we are just grateful to be even compared to some of those groups because we'd love to have half of their success," Honoret says. "We don't like to think of it as pressure though, and we just want to enjoy it all."

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Honoret, who is of Dominican descent, says that being Latino is something that he pulls from to add to the value of his music. 

"Especially from a production standpoint, we like to include some Spanish guitar or add in some lyrics in Spanish," the Arreaga explains. 

"I think it is just a place we can pull inspiration from and bring those musical influences to the group," added Honoret. 

The 18-year-old singer of Dominican decent explains that growing up he looked at Romeo Santos for inspiration. 

"I look up to him because he was in a band at a young age as well. He molded bachata for what it is now and it is inspiring to know that young males have that power in the music industry," he says. "Now he's one of the most successful solo artists and he's still killing the game."

Then we had to ask who they're crushing on, and surprise, surprise it's the same girl—Selena Gomez. 

"We may have to battle this one out," Honoret said jokingly.

Arreaga reveals that he's in a relationship right now, while Honoret says he's single that he loves a girl has a good sense of humor and adds that he's also big on honesty. 

Any takers?