Bachelor in Paradise's Jade Roper Details Baby Emerson's ''Surprise'' Birth: ''She Would've Died''

Reality star welcomed her first child with husband Tanner Tolbert more than a month ago

By McKenna Aiello Oct 10, 2017 2:40 AMTags

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's baby girl arrived unexpectedly early, making for a birth story her proud parents won't soon forget. 

Now seven weeks after E! News exclusively revealed the Bachelor in Paradise couple welcomed Emerson Avery Tolbert, the new mom is sharing intimate details from her daughter's birth. Jade and Tanner took to their shared blog, Janner Manor, on Monday with a 20-minute video detailing the entire experience from her first contraction to finally meeting Emerson seven hours later and the terrifying health issue that almost cost her life. 

As Jade explained, the reality star's birth plan took a turn when her water broke a week sooner than anticipated. "I was using a mid-wife and I wasn't allowed to deliver at the birth center at 36 weeks," she shared.

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's Daughter Emerson's Baby Album

"37 [weeks] was the starting point. If I was before, I was going to have to deliver at the hospital and that was one thing I did not want to do," Jade continued. 

Tanner also revealed that the couple didn't have time to prepare before heading to the medical center, mentioning in the video, "People always talk about having bags packed before the birth. We had nothing because it was a month out and we figured we had time to not only physically prepare, but mentally prepare."

Once Jade officially went into labor (which she documented in a photo gallery on her blog), the proud mama settled right in and began embracing for Emerson to arrive naturally. 

In her words, "I will never forget the feeling of the baby's head come into the birth canal. It is the most intense pressure but it's the coolest feeling. I was someone who definitely had a lot of pain… I was probably scaring the people down the hallway because I was screaming."

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She continued later on, "The feeling was so incredible and that's the reason why I chose to go natural and opt out of any kind of interventions or drugs. I wanted to experience that feeling. I want to feel connected to my body and my baby even though it was insanely painful for me. It was the most beautiful pain ever."

"Once she comes out," Jade said, "the pain just goes away."

Little Emerson was happy and healthy, though as Roper's mid-wife soon revealed, it could have gone terribly worse had she not been born early. A knot was found in their little girl's umbilical cord that "could've cut of all nutrients to Emerson and she would've died," Jade said. 

They continued in the post, "We are very lucky she came early or her nutrients, blood, and oxygen could've been completely cut off from her in the womb from the knot."

For more from Jade and Tanner, watch the video above! Congratulations on becoming parents, you two.