Jessie James Decker Is Pregnant! See the Cutest Pics of Her Daughter Vivianne and Son Eric Jr.

Check out these sweet snapshots of the Eric & Jessie stars' two adorable children

By Brett Malec Oct 09, 2017 9:14 PMTags

It's official: baby No. 3 is on the way!

Jessie James Decker announced Monday that she and hubby Eric Decker are expecting their third child together.

The Eric & Jessie stars shared the news with daughter Vivianne Rose and son Eric Jr. today in an adorable Instagram video. "Eric and I are so excited to share with y'all that we are expecting baby Decker number 3!" the singer wrote. "As you can see Viv is so happy and Bub doesn't quite know what's going on but we are over the moon and feel so blessed and can't wait to meet this little one end of march."

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With two kids already as cute as could be, we can be sure that baby No. 3 will also be a stunner (I mean, look at their parents!).

While we excitedly await the birth, let's take a look back at some of Vivianne and Eric Jr.s most precious baby pics. These sweet snapshots will melt your heart!

That Face!

"Almost all smiles at dinner... #meanmugginBubby."

Growing Boy

"My boy! We can't keep shoes on this kid. He's 2 1/2 Years old and a 9 already and growing out everything."

Santa's Helpers

"Merry Christmas Eve (Ps this Santa seems thrilled)"

Deep in Thought

"My lunch date was very deep in thought aka ready for nap."

Disney Dude

"This boy loves him some Mickey Mouse."

Up, Up & Away

"He told me 'look mommy an airplane' and then his face got very serious as he watched it go by."

Fist Pumpin' Like Champs

"Fist pump for a good day #MickeyMouse."

Adorably Patriotic

"Best day ever."

Eating In Style

"The coolest guy I know," Jessie captioned the sweet pic.

Beautiful Blond Boy

"This golden boy," Jessie wrote.

Easter Festivities

"Happy Easter! This was the best we could get out of them. Bubby on his way to nakedness as always and all Viv can focus on is getting her eggs all open she got from church."

Soaking Up the Sun

"The Bubs and the Vivs workin it."

Mama's Boy

"This little man has stolen my heart #thebubs #bubs4lyfe #kittenishdenim."

Day at the Lake

"Me and the Bubs watching daddy and paw paw and Vivs kayak."

Blue-Eyed Bubs

"Those eyes and pretty lips."

Bed Head

"Ok one more. I just can't with this blond gorgeous hair #bubby #bubs."

Sweet Smooches

"Mouth full of pizza but he walked over sat right on lap and wanted some kisses. Love this boy."

Cuddle Buddy

"Puppy love."

Like Father, Like Son

"My boys givin that swag look."

Sick Day

"Well darn! Baby boy caught it too and so did I! Fever, Cold and hoarse voice. Poor baby! At least we can snuggle and watch Barney."

Too Cute!

"This boy lovesssss his daddy."

All Smiles With Grandma

"Happy happy birthday to my beautiful wonderful giving nurturing thoughtful strong mama!! You're an incredible mother and incredible maw maw to our babies. I don't know what I would do with out you! I only hope to be as 50 and fabulous as you are mama! #happybirthday #mama."

Team Pride

"I melt."

Dog Days

"Ice cream sandwich clean up crew...Bub wasn't quite ready."

Beach Babes

"Happy babies."

Mother's Day Meal

"Happy Mother's Day lunch at one of my fav restaurants."

Donut Duo

"I donut know any sweeter babies than these."

Color Me Mine

"Good babies."

Three's Company

"Love being their mommy."

Father's Day Fun

"Happy Father's Day and CONGRATS to the newest TENNESSEE @titans @edeck87 !! We love you daddy and so excited for the new chapter!!"

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Summer Vibes

"Tan bunny."

Viv Turns 4!

Jessie wishes her daughter a happy fourth birthday with a sweet kiss.

Cookie Monster

"Someone's having a good time Chocolate chip cookie date with my girl."

Santa's Helpers

"Merry Christmas Eve�� (Ps this Santa seems thrilled)"

Strike a Pose

"Decorating the tree this morning with the babies... it's safe to say my daughter is me made over hahah #sassypants #lovemybabies #christmastree."

Best Friends

The Bubs and the Vivs workin it

Late Nights With Dad

Daddy teaching Viv the routes and the names and signals for upcoming season. Vivi has been pullin the "my belly isn't full yet I need cereal" card so she doesn't have to go to bed yet. She's little once, so I'll take these moments

Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter kisses from the Vivs

Colorful Cutie

My Sassy girl

Sporty & Sweet

My little gymnast

Daddy's Girl

Catching these two having a night time cereal snack date. Dear God you have blessed me so much with this incredible man. I am forever grateful

Sick Days

I melt again (has a little cold)

Beach Babies

Happy babies

Family Dinner

Happy Mother's Day lunch at one of my fav restaurants

Sweet Treats

I donut know any sweeter babies than these

Budding Artists

Good babies.

Cuddle Time!

Love being their mommy

Big Changes

Jets fans we will miss y'all! Thank you so much for the amazing memories and for such a warm welcome to your city! Also much love to everyone at the jets facility for taking such great care of Eric and our family. the journey continues! Can't wait to see what our football future holds

Family Fun

Say hello to the newest member of the Decker family!

Bundle of Joy

Look at the precious beauty all wrapped up!

Kisses from Mommy

Vivianne Rose gets kisses from Mama Jessie.

Auntie Time

Taking a time out with Auntie Sydney.

Baby Bunny

Can you spot the baby among the bunnies?

Pretty in Pink

Vivianne Rose looks like a beautiful flower in bloom.

Proud Aunt

Auntie Sydney is so proud of her new niece!