Why Jennifer Garner Finally Joined Instagram

See what the actress just told E! News in an exclusive interview

By Jess Cohen Oct 09, 2017 9:05 PMTags
Watch: Jennifer Garner Opens Up on Film "The Tribes of Palos Verdes"

Jennifer Garner's "Insta-stalking" led to her joining the social media app! 

The actress was in attendance at the Hamptons International Film Festival over the weekend and she dished exclusively to E! News about signing up for Instagram. Back in September, Garner posted for the first time on her verified account and now she's revealing why it was the right time to join.

"First of all I started Insta-stalking people, mostly ballerinas," Garner laughed. "But I've so enjoyed watching dancers that I admire from afar and feeling like I get a little insight into their lives and so it just seemed like, 'OK that makes more sense to me.'"

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Garner continued, "I don't have to go any deeper than I wanna go, I can kind of be in charge of it. So we're having fun with it. It's just my house!"

During the interview, the actress also talked about her new film The Tribe of Palos Verdes. Take a look at the video above to see Garner dish about her role in the movie and see her talk about joining Instagram!

The Tribe of Palos Verdes will be released on Dec. 1.