Top Netflix TV Shows, Ranked by Best Wardrobe of All Time

From Pretty Little Liars to Gossip Girl and a few unexpected surprises

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Binge-watching in the name of fashion is completely legitimate. 

For some, consuming shows on Netflix becomes an escape from work or studies. For fashion girls, it's a different kind of study hour: It's a time to take note of character's wardrobes as inspirations for future outfits. TV show costume designers are like the fashion fairy godmother we always wanted. In carefully curating the closets of their TV show mavens, they've indirectly curated our own.

So, consider the following our highly recommended remedy for closet-block. Don't be afraid to rewind either—you're going to want to copy every one of these characters' looks. 

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Whether you have more classic, girl-next-door style, like Baby Daddy's Riley Perrin or you crush the fashion game like our favorite upper eastsiders, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, you'll find a Netflix show to catch your wardrobe fancy. Here, our must-watch style series, ranked!

10. Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy's Riley Perrin (Chelsea Kane) is the definition of the girl next door. But it's not just her relatable position as the best friend stuck in the friend zone that makes her so interesting but, rather, her achievable sense of style. The lawyer and unofficial babysitter can usually be found in patterned blazers over black dresses or in preppy cardigans that complement statement tops. It may look like mainstream fashion to some, but for others, it's a way of life. 

Riley Perrin

This ensemble could easily be from any department store or affordable big-box retailer near you. The customized name plate necklace—which is very Carrie Bradshaw—makes it a tad more unique. 

9. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Fifteen years in a doomsday cult did not doom Kimmy Schmidt's wardrobe. The Ellie Kemper's alter-ego's style is reflective of her positive personality on the show: think bright colors and mismatched patterns reminiscent of our grade-school days. Don't be surprised if watching this Netflix original brings out your inner kindergartner the next time you get ready in the morning!

Kimmy Schmidt

She may dress like your grandma that lives in Florida, but you have to admit: It probably makes you smile. OK, OK, there's no excuse for that yellow sunhat. 

8. Jane The Virgin

Being artificially inseminated by your baby daddy's sister is not the most ideal situation, but Jane Villanueva, played by Gina Rodriguez, handles the unexpected in adorable sundresses and a sunny disposition. The protagonist juggles her demanding job, aspirations to become a novelist and role as a mother in feminine, flowy dresses with ruffles or floral prints. Not to mention, the lightweight daywear is perfect for running around in humid Miami heat.  

Jane Villanueva

Not only is her wardrobe basically the perfect springtime example, but Gina sports Hollywood's favorite hairstyle in the show: the lob. 

7. Madame Secretary

If Elizabeth McCord, played by Téa Leoni, was not the secretary of state, we'd think she was a college professor for fashion. Because, wow, has she taught us all how to properly sport business wear! It's no secret that this former CIA analyst has a penchant for bow-tie blouses or well-fitted suits, which proves there's a happy medium between an androgynous wardrobe and a frilly, ultra-feminine one. 

Elizabeth McCord

The innovator thinks outside the style box, too. Example: The star wears pinstripe in an unconventional way, as a short-sleeve top over a red button-down, accessorized with a face of uninterrupted concentration.

6. Riverdale

If you're going to be the new girl at school, turn heads in the hallways with your killer ensemble. Veronica (Camila Mendes) did just that when she moved to Riverdale—and carried the high-fashion allure of New York with her. Not only does she have impeccable style, but then she says something really witty, and it's clear why she's such an intelligent dresser. 

Veronica Lodge

You can expect plaid dresses with pearl necklaces and Peter Pan collars accessorized with preppy headbands. She's practically a neo-Blair Waldorf.

5. Scandal

While Kerry Washington's star-crossed relationship with President Fitz is always in a flux, Olivia Pope's outfits are consistently on point. The former White House Communication Director's wardrobe is an ideal reference for chic work attire. From sleek capes, trench coats, to head-to-tie white power suits, this D.C. crisis management owner is the definition of girl boss. 

Olivia Pope

The open collar of this oversize coat paired with the side-swept pony is chic and professional. 

4. Friends

Jennifer Aniston's Rachel Green will "be there for you" and your fashion dilemmas, too. She'll give you 10 seasons worth of outfit epiphanies, from her plaid skirts paired with turtlenecks in earlier seasons to her chic blouse-trouser combos in later ones. The waitress-turned-fashion-executive has quite the résumé to back up her fashion ethos, having worked as an assistant buyer for Bloomingdale's and a buyer at Ralph Lauren. Rachel's style follows that of many fashion girls living in New York, which is the simpler the better. Stick to clean lines and neutral palettes for a chic, sophisticated look. 

Rachel Green

In the earlier seasons, Rachel represented the "every girl," and her style reflected that. Who among us doesn't have a striped shirt and mini skirt?

3. The Crown

Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) was no mere spare to Elizabeth I's heir. The life of the royal party, Margaret managed to be a moth to a flame when it came to the spotlight. The rebellious royal on the show made many newspaper headlines in season 1 of The Crown…and in each photo, she was dressed to the nines, whether in floral headscarves and oversized sunglasses or glamorous A-line dresses adorned with tulle. While Elizabeth I is the star of the show, the spunkier of the Windsor sisters has our attention in full when it comes down to wardrobe. 

Margaret Windsor

No need to be a royal to copy this throwback look. To modernize this ensemble, pair a silk headpiece, statement sunnies and red lip with a white tee and frayed mom jeans

2. Gossip Girl

When we think of fashionably iconic shows, Gossip Girl is definitely at the top of our list—especially since besties Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf are the chicest partners in crime to probably ever exist. 

Blair Waldorf & Serena van der Woodsen

While Serena's go-tos are flowy trousers with more structured jackets, Blair is all about the structured tweed, high-fashion blouses and, of course, signature hair accessories. Every bohemian blonde needs a preppy brunette best friend, as the saying goes!

1. Pretty Little Liars

We've got a secret, can you keep it? Our number one Netflix show based on style is PLL, and we cannot pick between all five of the liars for the wardrobe to watch. This cult favorite is filled with style inspo for the edgy girl (Aria Montgomery), the glam girl (Hanna Marin), the preppy girl (Spencer Hastings), the sporty girl (Emily Fields) and the girly girl (Alison DeLaurentis). Make sure to make a lot of popcorn when watching this one: Your eyes will be glued on all of their must-copy outfits.


All of Them

If you don't like one star's style, you'll surely like another's. That's why this show deserves the number one spot—it has a lot of fashion to ogle. 

Did we miss any must-watch shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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