10 Things We Learned From Kristen Bell's Honest Reddit AMA

The Good Place star gets honest about family, career and more

By Mike Vulpo Oct 06, 2017 3:05 AMTags

There's a whole lot to love about Kristen Bell.

Sure, she has a wonderful family that includes husband Dax Shepard and two beautiful kids. There's also her hilarious NBC comedy The Good Place with Ted Danson.

But sometimes, it's the little things that make a Hollywood star that much cooler than the rest. On Thursday, Kristen took time out of her busy schedule to answer fans and strangers' burning questions in a Reddit AMA. Dare we say we learned a whole lot of fun facts. 

From celebrity crushes to eating habits, Kristen kept things honest and hilarious. If she could kiss any guy in Hollywood right now, comedian Hasan Minhaj is the lucky man. As for her favorite vegetarian or vegan food, it would definitely be "peas in any form." Who knew?!

We scrolled through and compiled some more interesting tidbits from Kristen below. Take a look for yourself. 

Kristen Bell's Best Roles

Her Friendship With Mila Kunis: As moviegoers eagerly wait for the Bad Moms Christmas film to be released, one fan had to ask Kristen her favorite thing about being friends with Mila. "She's incredibly unchanged by Hollywood," Kristen revealed. "And so down to earth."

Her Secrets to Marriage: Fans love the honesty Kristen and Dax give off when talking about their relationship. So while participating in her Reddit AMA, the actress continued to keep it real when asked to share one major piece of advice to other couples. "Try hard. It's uncomfortable, but worth it," she revealed. "Also be vulnerable. No one does it right, so forgive and then be vulnerable again."

Veronica Mars Reboot: It wouldn't be a fan Q&A without an inquiry about Kristen's long-running UPN series. When asked if there is any chance of a reboot, Kristen replied, "We are trying!" In other words, it's not a no yet people!

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: Romance Rewind

Adopt Me: If you've ever found yourself hoping to get adopted by Kristen and Dax, we now know the requirements. "Are you good at chores? Do you like waking up early with your new siblings so we can sleep?" she asked one fan. "Do you play catan? These are all requirements."

Ted's Tricks: Being on set everyday isn't so bad when Ted is your co-worker and co-star. So what's the very best thing about working with him? "Watching him giggle when he breaks character, which is often," Kristen revealed.

Game On: If you've ever wondered what Kristen does in her free time, we may have a surprising answer. While she hasn't played in a long time, the actress admits that she used to enjoy video games. "I haven't played in a VERY long time but I used to LOVE 007 and Mario cart on N64," she said. "That was my sweet spot. Now I'm very into board games."

Fashion Spotlight: Kristen Bell
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Frozen's Future: When Frozen 2 was announced, there was a campaign that surfaced in hopes of giving Princess Elsa a girlfriend. While one fan expressed their support for the cause, the same fan also had to ask Kristen for her thoughts. "I think Elsa should have whoever she wants and would fully support her happiness," she wrote.

Parenthood Superfan: While fans can understand that Kristen was a huge fan of her husband's character on NBC's long-running drama, one had to ask about another star that really caught her attention. "Mae Whitman as Amber," she shared. "Or truthfully, Mae Whitman as Mae Whitman. She's the greatest light bulb we have."

Future in Late-Night: Back in May of 2017, Kristen had the opportunity to fill in for Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night series Jimmy Kimmel Live! Her monologue and time on the show received rave reviews causing one fan to wonder if she would like a show of her own. "I've thought about a show...but Jimmy is a good friend and I see how its ALOT more work than many think it is," she shared. "So I'm not quite ready for that yet."

Secrets to Happiness: Sometimes the best advice is the simplest advice.  If you're ever feeling low and want to make things a little bit better, Kristen shared her tips for turning that frown upside down. "Go outside, take deep breaths on a walk, WORK OUT, always work out. Get your heart rate up and get the endorphin's you deserve." And maybe read a Reddit AMA from Kristen. Well done, girl.

The Good Place airs Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

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