Today's Savannah Guthrie Gets Candid About Balancing Work and Motherhood

Morning show co-host receives a tour of the Universal Studios lot from Jason Kennedy

By Mike Vulpo Oct 06, 2017 1:35 AMTags

Forget about Studio 1A—It's time to explore the Universal Studios Backlot.

During a brief visit to Los Angeles, Today's Savannah Guthrie was able to stop by E! News. Instead of heading into a studio for a friendly chat, our very own Jason Kennedy decided to give the morning show vet a tour of our home.

Along the way, we couldn't help but get some details on motherhood and her extended Today show family.

While touring the backlot, Savannah looked back on the past five years that have included a new position, two babies and a wedding to Mike Feldman.

"I had to get it all in there before I got too old," she joked to us. "It's just all beyond my wildest dreams. If I had my choice, I'd be posting pictures of my kids 85 times a day. I'm the ultimate over sharer."

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And while she may have a full-time job that sometimes includes traveling, Savannah admits that she's working hard to find some balance between her career and motherhood.

"I think someone asked me, 'Do you think you have it all in balance' and I said of course not. I don't know anybody who does," Savannah shared. "I take my daughter to her school every day. We eat lunch together. I pick her up. I play with the baby all afternoon. We do baths. I put them down for bed. For a working mom, that is a blessing."

Through it all, she's also found time to write a children's story with co-author Allison Oppenheim. The book titled Princesses Wear Pants focuses on Penelope Pineapple, a princess who wears skirts and owns a great shoe collection—but also wears pants while getting things done.

"It was really fun and it was effortless," she shared. "Princesses are cool, that's alright, but we should all tell them Princesses have substance."

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Perhaps all the accomplishments are made even more possible because of the support Savannah feels from her family at home and at work.

As a viewer, Jason couldn't help but notice the chemistry between the co-hosts of NBC's morning show. Savannah was happy to share that it's completely genuine with one familiar face even living feet away.

"Jenna Bush Hager is my next door neighbor. She's one of my closest friends!" she revealed. "I look out [my daughter] Vale's window, across the courtyard and I look into Jenna's bedroom. She tries to keep the shades drawn."

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