The Platinum Life is More Than Just “Looking Pretty” on Tour: ''It’s An Empowering Show for Women''

In the music industry their is a community between the wives and girlfriends

By Vannessa Jackson Oct 11, 2017 11:32 PMTags

Who run the world? Girls! 

There is so much more to the women of The Platinum Life than hot bods and high heels, they are career women, moms and basically whatever else they want to be. On The Platinum Life you will see many different sides to these incredible ladies but it won't be all about looking cute for their men. 

The world is about to see the grit and hustle it took to get to the top. "You get to see a lot of our roles we get to do behind the scenes, as well as a lot of career moves the girls are making," Asiah Collins shared. 

The Platinum Life: Meet the Cast

"What a lot of people don't know is the role that I play on tour handling a lot of the merch and making sure [Kid Ink] has new designs when we go on tour," Asiah revealed. "I'm not just there to be pretty sitting next to him, so it's nice that people get to see both sides."

As for Shantel Jackson, who until now was most widely known for being Nelly's girlfriend, is in the process of launching her own consumer product. "People get to see me as a businesswoman," Shantel shared. "In the last four or five years I have worked on designing Shoe Gummi, making it a consumer product and getting my patents done." 


Shantel isn't the only badass business woman on the cast. La'Myia Good runs an organization with her sister and fellow actress Meagan Good dedicated to mentoring young women, The Greater Good Foundation. "The organization is the number one focus in my life," La'Myia explained. "I know that is what I am supposed to be doing."

They may be wives and girlfriends of some of the biggest names in the music industry but they're also making just as many moves on their own terms. "I feel like it's an empowering show for women," LoLa Monroe shared. "We're not just eye candy. There is a lot more to it."