Best Outfits From The Mindy Project of All Time

Because she hasn't been wearing scrubs for six seasons

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Mindy Kaling has always been a style unicorn, on and off screen.

The Mindy Project star has spent the past six seasons incorporating bright colors and mixed patterns into her looks, with the guidance of the show's costume designer, Salvador Perez. It may be the show's last hoorah, but that doesn't mean the style has to stop. Consider this your time to find wardrobe inspiration to last a lifetime.

After six seasons, it's hard to imagine Mindy's character without Salvador's designs. Initially, however, the designer turned the offer down—multiple times.

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In an interview with E! News, Mindy shared that it took a lot of convincing to bring Salvador on board. The funny girl had to explain she was looking to "push the edge" for fashion in television. Fast forward to present day, when viewers and fans can probably agree: Her character's closet has done just that. 

In honor of the final season, we've complied some of our favorite Mindy Lahiri fashion moments.

Shine Bright Like Lahiri

Successful job? Check. Adorable baby? Check. The perfect holiday dress? Check! Wearing a Salvador Perez original cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline and beaded panels, Mindy looked flawless in this hunter-green piece. Don't overlook the subtle cutout and her matching sliver statement earrings. Perez's vision for Mindy's holiday look was to make the Mindy Project Star look like "a Christmas angel with her wings tucked back," in an interview with US Weekly.


Black and Blue

Sporting loose, lightened waves and an embellished tea-length dress and strappy black stilettos, The Mindy Project star looked refined and elegant in the season five finale, "A Decent Proposal." With a dress this exciting, did you expect anything less than her proposing to Ben with the comic book he sold to buy her an engagement ring.

Fantastic in Floral

It's the beginning of the end. The Mindy Project star started off the final season with a bang in this yellow, floral dress with matching heels. The stunning actress has definitively proven she is and will forever be the best dressed, fictional OB-GYN. This is the look of a married woman...except within the first episode, we find out this arrangement won't last for long on this episode, "Is That All There Is?"

Flower Power

This classic, navy-and-pink, floral dress are carefully matched to her beaded drop earrings. The fashionable doctor never misses an opportunity to look glamorous in the office. Basically, we all should be stepping up our game. You can relive this new episode, "May Divorce Be with You," of season six on Hulu.

Sundae Best

Mindy may only have eyes for that sundae, but ours are glued on the navy and yellow sweater that she's wearing in this episode. While her glam moments are always the most memorable, nobody does lounge wear better than Kaling.

Golden Girl

The Why Not Me author has been rocking florals like nobody's business, since season one. So, by this season five episode she is a complete pro, at balancing her career and street style. This short yellow and gold dress complements the actress' wavy locks. Mentally noting that every occasion is an occasion to wear metallic heels.

Pretty in Pink

This outfit is definitely extra, but who says that's a bad thing? When Mindy finds out her new boyfriend isn't being exclusive, she wears this pink and gold emblazoned dress, with a matching headband and mink jacket, on a date with "the bad boy of London theater." Not even this glam outfit, however, could have prevented her from getting thrown out of the theater after her date catches her texting throughout his performance in the first row.


Can we take a moment to talk about Mindy's eyebrow game for a second? After not receiving a promotion, she wishes she was a white man and wakes up as one in this episode, "Mindy Lahiri is a White Man." Before turning until the blonde, blue-eyed Ryan Hansen, we got this fierce look from the bad-ass fertility specialist. On a side note, this TV doctor is straight-up smizing.

Bed Head

If you're a die-hard fan of The Mindy Project, you know Mindy is a pro of looking stylish, even in her sleep. Mindy's costumer designer even has a Mindy-Inspired Pajama line in the works. He told Instyle, that the star wears 50 pairs of pajamas a season.


He explains, "I'm very particular about pajamas with fabrics and colors so we were just thinking we should probably do a pajama line and ideally we would design our own fabrics."



Dreams do come true!

Perfect Shade

You probably never knew how much you needed a sequined-embellished black A-line mini skirt with bottles of lipstick on it, until this season's look. Even in an almost entirely all-black outfit, The Mindy Project actress shines in her high-neck blouse on one of her killer season five finale looks.

Dream Boss

Orange you glad she wore this color. OK, OK, Mindy is virtually telling us to stop it. In usual Mindy fashion, her bold dress is paired with a patterned black and white coat. Can you imagine working for or with anyone who regularly dresses this well?

Sequinned Stunner

Mindy combined our two favorite things: sweats and sequins, and to be honest, we're casually counting the days until this becomes mainstream fashion. On this episode, "May Divorce Be With You," our favorite OB-GYN shows us the best way to bounce back from a break-up is a karaoke party. The actor paired her ensemble with a black Chanel purse, looking entirely pleased in the navy and turquoise highlighted look.

Grass is Greener if You're Mindy

Green with envy? We are, too. Mindy's yellow and rose-printed dress peeks out of this bright green coat, as she picks up her son, Leo, from school and discovers the other parents think she isn't an involved parent. Armed with her bright yellow Dolce & Gabbana purse, she is ready to battle with her mom rival, guest star Julie Bowen.

If Mindy's taught you anything, embrace your extra-ness, wear bold prints and be yourself.

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