A guest has arrived on this week's episode of Outlander, but it looks like he arrived at a very bad time. 

In this clip, exclusive to E! News, Roger (Richard Rankin) has come to visit Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) in Boston, which is where they headed when their search for evidence of Jamie wasn't really going well in Scotland. 

But it doesn't look like life is going very well for them in Boston either, since they were "yelling," as Brianna says. 

"Brianna has decided to withdraw from Harvard, and is moving out," Claire explains of their fight, but she seems to think it's easily fixable, and that the dean could just have Brianna reinstated. 

"You're not listening!" her daughter yells. "I need a break. You expect me to just come back to Boston and be who I was? I tried, and it's not working." And Poor Roger's just kind of there, probably wishing he wasn't there at all. 

Obviously Brianna's entire life just changed with the news that her father wasn't her father, and she's understandably not handling it all that well. She had a few more scenes in the last episode than she had in the book, and in episode five, she gets even more time to process what's going on. 



"Brianna and Claire have always had a tough relationship," EP Maril Davis told us. It's certainly loving, but it seems like Claire has always held Brianna kind of at arm's length. And Brianna's always kind of wondered why and has always been closer to Frank, and to find out the reason for that is because your father was somebody else, and maybe every time your mother looks at you she thinks about your real father and that is a very complicated relationship. To then question your own identity and what that all means was important to us, because if it was glossed over in the books, we felt that was something that was so interesting to portray and such an interesting character beat for that character, to see those emotions."

Of course, episode five is not just about Brianna. It also finally gets us to the place book readers been anxiously waiting for since the end of season two: the print shop!! 

Outlander airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.

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