See Martha Stewart Dressed Up in Her Favorite Halloween Costumes

Take a look at all of the outfits the lifestyle guru has worn over the years

By Jess Cohen Oct 03, 2017 7:08 PMTags
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Martha Stewart is getting ready for Halloween!

In October's Martha Stewart Living, the 76-year-old lifestyle guru is dressing up and showing off some of her favorite Halloween costumes!

"Hit your stride this Halloween with a host of great ideas from the October issue of Living!" Stewart recently posted on Instagram along with a preview of one of her outfits.

Photos in the magazine include throwback pics of Stewart's costumes over the years as well as a new costume this year that was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's artwork.

Martha Stewart's Favorite Halloween Costumes

Take a look at the pictures below to see Stewart's Halloween costumes!

Pop Art

For her Halloween costume this year, Stewart dressed up as one of Roy Lichtenstein's comic book characters.

Platinum Blond

Stewart wore a platinum blond wig with an outlined long-sleeved shirt for these pics.

Goddess Martha

Back in 2007, Stewart appeared as the "Golden Goddess" for the magazine's Halloween edition.

Sorceress Stewart

Stewart dressed up as a sorceress for the cover of The Best of Martha Stewart: Halloween Handbook.

Fairy Godmother Martha

This pic shows Stewart dressed up as the "Fairy GrandMartha" for Halloween.

Motha Stewart

Back in 2011, Motha graced the cover of the magazine's Halloween edition as "the winged wonder."

October 2017

Check out October's Martha Stewart Living to see more pics and to get more Halloween tips!