Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus Build Miley Cyrus a ''Spunky'' Guest Barn Fit for a Hippie Queen

Singer's parents redo a barn in their newly redone home in Nashville, TN.

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What can't she do?!

In addition to being a television and film producer, Tish Cyrus is also the wife to country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus and mother to five, including chart-topping singers Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus. Lately the mom-on-the-go has taken on a new role as the host of Bravo's Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer, an interior design competition reality show with her oldest daughter Brandi Cyrus

Given her love of design, the southern queen invited ArchitecturalDigest.com into the family's newly renovated home in Nashville, TN., and let let fans into their country chic world and their newly remodeled home.

In addition to redoing their house, the couple also renovated a detached old barn into an attached guest barn for their superstar daughter Miley on the occasions she comes home from Los Angeles.

Miley Cyrus' "Malibu" Looks
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The duo had actually purchased a sprawling 500-acre property outside the city over a decade ago but never really lived in it. However, about a year ago the country strong couple got their hands on a 1,200-square-foot 1940s home in Nashville that needed a lot of work.

In the sitdown, Tish said that the previous owners tried to flip the house but, "it was not done well at all." Tish explained that, "Most everything, every material, needed to be replaced," including the kitchen backsplash, the kitchen island, and the hardware throughout the house.

The house is now a 3,000 square feet and five-bedroom home that includes Miley's completely renovated guest barn. The deck has been turned into a screened-in porch that has a huge tile wall which Tish personally designed.

"People walk up and are like 'Whoa, that is so cool!'" she said.

Out of all the improvements, Tish explained Miley's barn was by far the most difficult undertaking.

"When my husband suggested redoing it, I was like, there is no way!" Tish said. "The floors were dirt; there was no flooring at all; and I thought the contractors were going to say we had to tear it down. But we ran the plumbing and we ran the electrical."

Tish also said that things became even more difficult when the city of Nashville then told the family that any property with electrical and plumbing would need to be attached to the main house.

The barn had to be physically picked up and moved—in the dead of winter.

"I was watching on Facetime because I had to be in L.A. for The Voice with Miley, and they couldn't even guarantee it was going to work. But as much of a pain in the butt it was to move, it actually turned out amazing with the breezeway you can walk through."

The industrious lady said she designed the guesthouse to be "spunky," just like her daughter. 

Guest rooms are out and so are guest houses—these days, it's all about the guest barn! Check it out!

Barn Beauty

Tish sits in front of her daughter's newly redone barn, complete with twinkle lights.

Guest Barn

The barn has a lot of "spunky" decorations, just like Miley.


The hallway features interior designs by Tish.


The unusual kitchen table is a rare find.

New Home

The Cyrus' new home was built in the 1940s.

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