Grey's Anatomy's Season 14 Premiere Was Very Hard to Stomach

Megan returned but not all the news was good in the season 14 premiere of the ABC hit

By Lauren Piester Sep 29, 2017 2:00 AMTags
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Well that was kind of the fun return to the early days of Grey's Anatomy we were promised.

There was a lot of fun to be had in those two hours, with Bailey protesting against high heels and entertaining herself with the work being done on the partly exploded hospital while Webber (James Pickens Jr.) chaperoned a bunch of mostly useless (and very annoying) students, which then led to one student losing his glasses in the bowels of a young boy Jo (Camilla Luddington) was operating on, which then led to Jo sleeping with the glasses-losing student and waking up in his mom's basement, where he lived. That led Jo and Karev (Justin Chambers) back together (sorry, glasses), and as Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) learned what it means to be ghosted, she also made a new very sexy Italian friend, and that was very fun! 

But obviously not everything could be fun, and there were some devastating moments, and some awkward moments, and one big, sad revelation. But first let's talk about that big return.

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Owen's (Kevin McKidd) miraculously alive sister Megan (an excellent Abigail Spencer) is very fun, but she's mostly so fun because she's trying to deal with a) having been held hostage for like 10 years and b) the bomb injury in her stomach that makes her bowels malfunction (too many bowels in this premiere) and also stick out of her in very un-fun way.

Once her bowels are fixed, she plans to head right back to Iraq to take care of the kid she semi-adopted, meaning there's a nice big group of people in that hospital who'd rather her bowels didn't get fixed. 

One of her first concerns was whether or not Riggs (Martin Henderson) was seeing anyone, which was obviously incredibly complicated (as it was always going to be after 10 years). He wanted to be there for Megan 100%, but he had been dating Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) up until about two minutes before she returned, and no one wanted to tell her that it was Meredith he was now seeing, especially after Meredith took the lead on Megan's surgery. 


It took Teddy (Kim Raver) showing up out of the blue to support her "person" Owen to get someone to tell Megan the truth, but the way she did it was very rude, just waltzing up to Meredith in the middle of the hospital to tell her how inappropriate she was. Meredith ended up being the one to explain it, and while Megan was unhappy, she still wanted Mer to do the surgery. 

That surgery involved implanting a skin expander, then repairing the bowels and closing the expanded skin around them...except there wasn't enough skin. 

Megan cried and Meredith went into a kind of rage, until she thought of doing something that also occurred to us but only because we didn't know it wasn't a thing people did: Mer was going to give Megan an ab transplant!

With help from Jo and her glasses guy, Meredith found the perfect donor and gave Megan a brand new stomach, despite Owen's protests, and now she'll be able to go back to Iraq in just a few weeks. 

Riggs tried to propose to her before the surgery, but apparently she turned him down, telling him he was clearly still in love with Meredith.

Teddy also got all up in Owen and Amelia's (Caterina Scorsone) business (tonight's premiere really reminded us how much we didn't miss Teddy), helping to orchestrate an intervention of sorts with Megan and Owen's mom. Basically, the gist was that Amelia is a bad wife, since she disappeared and wasn't there for Owen throughout this ordeal with his sister. 

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Amelia has, admittedly, been very distant and could only focus on a complicated brain tumor/jaw surgery tonight, but she rightfully called Owen out when he tried to tell her she needed therapy or medication, just because his mom, sister, and BFF thought she needed therapy and medication. Plus, Owen was making out with Teddy at one point, so #TeamAmelia here, people. 

Then, Amelia made friends with a new doctor (and DeLuca's sister and Arizona's hot new sex buddy) who's making use of an MRI machine to study female orgasms, and agreed to be part of the study. The night ended on a scan of Amelia's brain, revealing not just a pretty colorful orgasm, but also a very large tumor. 

Weirdly, a doctor with a brain tumor does feel like early Grey's (specifically season 5 Izzie Stevens), just not in the light-hearted fun way we were expecting. Still, we can't say we have any complaints, because that was just the kind of Grey's premiere we can't get enough of.

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