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For A-listers, it isn't enough to just own one house. Sure, mansions in Beverly Hills or Bel-Air are fabulous, but what is a star to do when they want to get away? That's where the celebrity vacation home comes in. Hollywood loves a luxurious vacation and they're made even more over-the-top by the envy-inducing properties that pad their real estate portfolios.

But not every vacation home is created equal—there are getaways and there are getaways. Which is why we've put the most fabulous homesteads to the test. 

The Contenders:

Lake Como
George Clooney (and now Amal Clooney) are as synonymous with Lake Como, Italy as gelato. Their favorite vacation spot is fit for an Italian King and Queen, an 18th century villa (named Villa Oleandra) that is stunningly placed right on a cliff overlooking the lake. They get around via chauffeured boat and enjoy features like a screening room, gym and pool. Oh, and there's gelato. 

Chateau Miraval
Even though Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are no longer a couple, they're still the joint owners of their spectacular French mansion. It's been their family retreat for almost a decade and it even hosted their wedding a few years ago. It's a historical property that sits among a French agricultural community and it's rumored to be reminiscent of a Roman chapel.   

Necker Island
This isn't so much a vacation home as, well, an entire vacation island. It's only fitting that Richard Branson, scion of the Virgin fortune, would retire to perhaps the world's most exclusive and protected spot for some time off. He owns the full 74-acre island that is technically part of the British Virgin Islands, and it's now a fully-functional private resort. It was recently hit hard by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, but the 10-bedroom villa is going to be fully restored. 

Watch Hill, Rhode Island
Otherwise known as the headquarters for Taymerica. Taylor Swift owns properties all over the country but she chooses her seaside mansion outside of Providence for all of her beach vacations. The $17 million mansion dates back to the 1930s (it's no 18th century villa, but America's not that old, okay?) and also boasts 700 feet of shoreline. Or, as the world now knows it, 700 feet of space to be caught kissing Tom Hiddleston. 

Hana, Hawaii
Oprah Winfrey is no stranger to luxury (just google Montecito), so when she decided to expand her real estate empire to America's farthest shores she went big. She has her own farmhouse spread in Maui complete with roaming horses and adorable folkore-y accents. It's not in-your-face luxurious, but it's a private spread with a view of the beach in Hawaii. What more could you ask for?

The Square Footage:
The easiest way to compare celebrity vacation homes is, of course, the size. Villa Oleandra, where the Clooneys take up residence, is a bit secretive in its exact size, but it boasts 30 rooms spread across three floors. Chateau Miraval sits on 1,200 acres of property and has 35 rooms. Necker Island as a whole is 74 acres, while the Great House has eight bedrooms, including a 1,200-square-foot master bedroom. Swift's Watch Hill property has over 11,000 square feet of space and Oprah's Hawaii mansion reportedly clocks in at over 8,000. 
Winner: Chateau Miraval

Star Power:
A celebrity vacation home is only as fancy as its celebrity guests. Why else do you own one if not to invite all your famous friends? The Clooneys host their BFFs Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford most often, Necker Island has opened up its doors to everyone from Kate Winslet to Harry Styles, and Watch Hill's yearly Fourth of July parties see regular attendees like Blake LivelyGigi HadidRyan ReynoldsLena Dunham and the rest of the squad. Brangelina and Oprah have been far more private with their get-togethers. 
Winner: Watch Hill

Location, location, location: 
It's hard to imagine ever going outside when one is vacationing in these magnificent homes, but the area is important on a getaway. Lake Como boasts the lake and all its water sports, of course, as well as a proximity to quaint Italian towns and the glitzy waterways of Venice. Chateau Miraval is, for lack of a better descriptor, in the middle of nowhere, but it's the French nowhere. There are forests, a lake, olive groves and also an adjacent town that hosts all kinds of festivals. Necker Island has every activity a rich person could dream up (water sports!), plus pools and private beaches, while Watch Hill has easy access to pretty much the entire east coast. 
Winner: Lake Como

The Perks:
Anyone who's vacationing with these celebs at their second (or third or fourth) homes doesn't just get the cool pad—there are always extras. Taymerica parties gets you awesome flag-print swag and a good chance of a giant slide. Staying at Oprah's house in Hawaii means you get to touch things that Oprah touched. But really, all of this pales in comparison to the one giant, glaring perk that comes along with Chateau Miraval: wine. The pad sits on a real working vineyard and Brangelina's team cranks out truly some of the best rosé money can buy. Only when they're vacationing at the mansion, they don't have to buy it. No wonder they haven't been able to part with the place post-divorce. 
Winner: Chateau Miraval

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