How to Get Away with Murder returns tonight, but the characters themselves aren't celebrating. 

They're all still recovering from the death of Wes (Alfred Enoch), and the heartbreaking decision they all made to pin all the crimes on their dead friend to save themselves. 

"I think Wes' death, what you see it's kind of like a domino effect," Viola Davis told us at ABC's summer TCA press tour. "It's like that one block that you put on a finished piece that causes everything to fall down underneath it. That's what you're going to see."

While Annalise and the rest of the gang don't yet know who killed Wes, the audience found out at the end of the finale that it was none other than Laurel's (Karla Souza) childhood friend, who was hired by her father.


Viola Davis, How to Get Away With Murder, HTGAWM


Annalise is also continuing to struggle with her alcoholism. 

"I'm ready for the roughness to end, but you know what? She's an alcoholic, so I guess she's reached rock bottom and she's trying to work her way back to being that badass Annalise in the courtroom, getting that career back, getting that life back," Davis says. "That's really what you're going to see this season." 

Jimmy Smits is guest starring this season, and Davis says "he's a part of that journey, of her finding herself." 

"It's given the show a whole different tone," she says. 

In some happier news, HTGAWM is also welcoming Davis husband Julius Tennon as a guest star this season.

"It's always been really comfortable to work together," he told E! News. "This is, I think, our fifth or sixth collaboration. It's just always been comfortable to we have a good time working together."

"You'll see the fun, you'll see the heat," Davis promised of their scenes. 

How to Get Away with Murder premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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