Ellen DeGeneres is known for pulling pranks on celebrities to get a few laughs—but look who's laughing now.

During his guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Eric Stonestreet reminded DeGeneres that she "promised" not to pull any pranks on him.

"Nothing today," DeGeneres responded. "Nothing at all."

But Stonestreet didn't seem so sure. After telling DeGeneres a story of how he used to work as a concert security guard, the Modern Family actor caught onto DeGeneres' antics (the host seemed to be giving hand signals to her crew) and got up from his seat. Just as he walked behind DeGeneres' chair, a man wearing an ‘80s-themed rocker costumed jumped out of a side table and screamed at Stonestreet.

Stonestreet charged at the rocker—one of DeGeneres' crew members—and tackled him to the ground. The actor proceeded to wrestle him, yelling "Finally" and "Tap out" when he pinned the costumed crew member. Meanwhile, DeGeneres sat in her chair laughing.

"Now, who's laughing punk?" Stonestreet yelled after the crew member ran off stage. "I've been waiting for that guy for, how many performances?" 

"I don't know. A lot," DeGeneres responded. "He's done a lot of them."

DeGeneres admitted that she hoped Stonestreet would grab the crew member when he tried to scare him, but that the scheme took a different turn when the crew member tried to leave the stage.

"Then I showed my quickness," Stonestreet responded.

DeGeneres asked if the crew member was OK, to which Stonestreet responded, "I don't care. How am I?"

The crew member then came back on stage and Stonestreet was ready for round two.

"Wanna go again, bro?" he said before stretching out his arm and following up with "Oh my God. I think I did hurt my shoulder."

This wasn't the first time DeGeneres tried to pull a prank on Stonestreet. The talk-show host also had clowns sneak up on him and jump out of side tables, a mummy try to grab him in a haunted house and a man in a giant dog costume surprise him.

Watch DeGeneres' most recent prank on Stonestreet, as well as her previous tricks, in the videos.

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