Jessica Alba wants to help you live your best life.

While we know we should be getting in more veggies per day and paying attention to portion control, it sounds so much more convincing coming from the Honest Company co-founder. The wellness-obsessed celeb teamed up with the media platform ATTN: and Facebook's Watch to share her personal tips for a healthier, happier life.

And we couldn't wait to tune in.

Who better than the Hollywood-star-turned-businesswoman—not to mention a total supermom with another one on the way—to weigh in on the simple tricks to staying on top of your health?

While Jessica is the first one to admit that balancing good lifestyle habits with a hectic schedule can seem like an impossible task at times, she tackles everything from curing hangovers to managing meals while pregnant to prove that it's not as hard as it looks. "The idea of healthy living can be overwhelming, but the truth is, there are really easy ways for each of us to enhance our quality of life," the star said. "Whether it's packing your own lunch for work or improving your posture, there are many improvements we can make that are both affordable and accessible."

Scroll through for our favorite tips from Alba's "Health Hacks" so far.

ESC: Jessica Alba Tips

According to Jessica, American portion sizes have gone up at least four times since the 1950s, particularly in fast food restaurants. To get a handle on your own eating habits, Jessica suggested to mixing your plate with ingredients that turn off hunger-related hormones in your body, like protein, fiber and greens. How you arrange these things on your plate can actually make a difference as well.


To start, Jessica suggested mixing small plates instead of one giant one. Your protein serving should fit in the palm of your hand. Keep grains to a handful-sized serving and avoid the extra calories from fats by not having them on your plate at all. There are healthy fats, though, which include avocado, almonds and olive oil. Jessica said these help you realize that you're full faster. It's sugar that'll leave you feeling hangry. 


"No one is saying you can't eat all the food you want to eat, just don't go overboard," Jessica explained. "A life completely devoid of nachos is, frankly, a life not worth living."


We hear that.

ESC: Jessica Alba Tips

Hangovers are the worst, but Jessica's got your back. Her first tip? Don't go grabbing for that greasy pizza: "[Doing that] is like watching football to lose weight, it doesn't make sense." Her best prevention tip? Don't mix your alcohols and avoid dark-colored drinks. According to this celeb, the darker the drink, the harder the hangover. What you eat is important too.


"The idea that eating carbs before sleep the night of heavy drinking is also a myth," she said. Instead, try to line your stomach before drinking. She cautioned that dense carbs and sugary mixers can actually make you feel worse. As for the morning after, anything with egg yolks is a good idea. And of course, you'll need plenty of water to hydrate. Jessica said coconut water will naturally detoxify your body.


Looks like we'll be adding a dozen eggs to our grocery list for the weekend.

ESC: Jessica Alba Tips

Jessica emphasized that the word "diet" during pregnancy does not mean cutting down on calories or trying to lose weight. It's about making sure you're getting the proper amount of nutrients for your body and your baby while staying away from certain foods that aren't good for the human growing inside of you. "Your first pregnancy is a crash course in do's and don'ts, especially in what you can and can't eat," she said.


On the "no" list: raw seafood, soft cheeses, undercooked meat and unpasteurized milk or juices. Instead, the star recommended focusing on fruits and veggies, healthy fats, wild proteins, grains and dairy products.


And while a pregnant person will need around an extra 300 calories per day, Jessica said it doesn't really mean eating for two: "Your little peanut only needs a maximum of 500 more calories per day."

ESC: Jessica Alba Tips

Jessica dedicates one episode to the importance of body language, telling her Facebook audience: "Your body communicates what you're thinking and feeling before your words get a chance to, so it's important to become fluent in your own body language."


Who else just straightened up in their chairs a bit?


She provides tips on how to hide when you're feeling nervous for everything from a job interview to a first date. In addition to strong posture with your shoulders held back and a powerful smile, our takeaway was to uncross our arms. "Crossing your arms might communicate that you're closed off, but you want to be open. Uncross those arms and keep an open body posture. Your body will naturally do this the more interested you are in the conversation."


Another interesting tip was about how to stand in a social setting. Jessica recommended keeping your drink near you, but not in front of you, so people don't get the impression that you're unapproachable. Who knew?

If the information is coming from Jessica Alba, you know it's got to be honest.

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