Kim Kardashian, T Singapore

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It's been nearly a year since Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, but time hasn't healed all of her wounds. 

Since being bound and held at gunpoint in her hotel room in early October 2016, the reality star has come out on the other side, adopting a less materialistic look and lifestyle in the process. In the immediate aftermath of the robbery, the mother of two stepped away from social media, left her flashy style at the wayside and refocused on the most important element of her life—her family. 

However, while much time has passed since that life-threatening experience, Kardashian may feel changed, but she doesn't feel more at ease. 

"I definitely get a lot more anxiety now, just with people knowing your every move," she recently told T Singapore

Kim Kardashian, T Singapore

The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore

In an effort to combat potential threats to her security, the social media mogul now pays more attention to what she shares on her online accounts. However, any absence on her feeds can also be misconstrued in the public eye. 

"It's funny—so much can go on at home but if you don't post about it, people think it never happened," she told T Singapore. "So they'll say, ‘She hasn't posted with her sisters, she must be in a huge fight.' But it's not what consumes me anymore, like how it used to..." 

What consumes her now are her little ones—4-year-old daughter, North, and 1-year-old son, Saint.

 "My whole world is my kids, it's all I care about...from literally every last thing that they do to what they wear, to all their activities. I love being their mom," she told T Singapore. "I definitely don't hang out with my friends as much just because I have to be with my kids."

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