Here's What Robin Wright Thinks of a Princess Bride Sequel

30 years after the popular film first debuted, the movie's star comments on a second installment

By Samantha Schnurr Sep 25, 2017 8:51 PMTags
Watch: Robin Wright Is on Board for "Wonder Woman" Sequel!

Before she was Jenny Curran or Claire Underwood, Robin Wright was Buttercup. However, despite the iconic role, the star isn't looking for a reprise. 

As the Blade Runner 2049 actress candidly dished to E! News, the team behind The Princess Bride contemplated a sequel to the 1987 fantasy film at one point. "I think they entertained the idea for a minute," she recalled. However, it doesn't sound like Wright or her colleagues were fond of the idea. "We thought, 'Don't ruin it. Please don't ruin it.'"

While a second installment still remains to be seen 30 years to the day later, the Golden Globe winner has fond memories of one of the most memorable films in her career.

Robin Wright's Best Looks
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"We were shooting in the middle of nowhere up in the north," she described to E! News. "It was just us down in the restaurant at night after shooting and it was a big, happy family just having a hoot of a time and playing music at night and cooking dinner and shooting a really great, iconic film."

While she's not in a rush to bring Princess Buttercup back to the big screen, she would definitely sign up for a second installment of Wonder Woman

"I would absolutely go back and do a sequel," she said, having portrayed Antiope in the first film. "Come on—girl power!"

To hear about her reaction to the success of Wonder Woman, check out the video above!