What Josh Gad's Kids Really Think of Him Starring in Frozen 2

During an interview with his Marshall co-star Chadwick Boseman, the Olaf actor shared how his kids reacted to the news of there being a Frozen sequel

By Elyse Dupre Sep 25, 2017 8:30 PMTags
Watch: Josh Gad Reveals What His Kids Think of "Frozen 2"

Everyone loves Josh Gad's lovable Frozen character Olaf—well, maybe not everyone.

When E! News asked Gad how his kids reacted to the news of there being a Frozen sequel, Gad joked that they replied with "Daddy, I want more cereal."

"They're not interested in what I'm doing," he quipped.

All kidding aside, Gad said that his children are "really excited" about the upcoming movie, which is set to debut November 2019. Although, he explained how his kids get to experience Olaf at home. 

"They're a little spoiled," he continued, "because I read to them these stories at night. When I read a book about Frozen, I read it as Olaf. So, they get it firsthand. So, for them, every day is a sequel for them."


While Gad said his kids will be "very excited" to see the second Frozen film on the big screen, it looks he has a little movie competition until then. 

"Right now, they're really into Captain Underpants and Sing," he said.

In addition to talking about his kids, Gad weighed in on what it was like to have his co-star Kristen Bell, who provides the voice for Anna in the film, help his family during Hurricane Irma. Gad had shared a picture of Bell and his parents on Instagram earlier this month and told the story of how the actress got his family a hotel room in Orlando during the hurricane.

"It's incredible to have a friend who is a phone call away and able to accommodate me and my family and make sure that they're all safe and sound, especially when you feel so vulnerable and hopeless because you're thousands of miles away on the opposite coast," Gad said. "So, she's one of the greats—she really is."

Gad conducted the interview with Chadwick Boseman. The two are starring in the upcoming film Marshall, which is set to hit theaters Oct. 13.

Check out the video to see the interview.