Seeing Double? Anthony Scaramucci Comes Face to Face With Mario Cantone's "The Mooch"

Former White House Communications Director and comedian sit down together on The View

By Samantha Schnurr Sep 22, 2017 5:01 PMTags
Watch: Mario Cantone Impersonates Anthony Scaramucci on "The View"

Anthony Scaramucci just met his match. 

It's no secret the former White House Communications Director has made as much of a splash in the entertainment world as he has in the political one. With his signature look, accent and mannerisms, "The Mooch" became not only a Washington figure, but also a TV character thanks to SNL impersonations by Bill Hader and Mario Cantone

While he's since parted ways with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there was no time like the present for Scaramucci to officially meet his on-screen counterpart. During a sit-down on The View Friday afternoon, he was surprised when a familiar face strolled out from backstage to say hello. 

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"I love you. I love you. Thank you. Sit down!" Cantone shouted as he made his grand appearance on stage, fully in character donning a nearly exact replica of Scaramucci's suit and blue tie. "Look at this guy. He's my doppelgänger." That wasn't an exaggeration—the two looked so strikingly similar, it was like seeing double.

"Thanks for having me the whole hour, Joy [Behar]. I really appreciate it. I'm not used to sticking around that long at any one place unless there's free hors d'oeuvres and a two-drink minimum," Cantone continued in character, poking fun at Scaramucci's short-lived six official days working in the White House. 

Scaramucci tried to interrupt, insisting Cantone needed more bronzer. "Shut—don't make me smack you in front of company," the comedian retorted. "This is a big career break for me."

Like quibbling brothers, the two ribbed each other while Cantone hilariously poked fun at the White House, the firing and President Donald Trump

"I love Donald Trump. I love him. I love him. I'd give the man the shirt off my back if I didn't think he'd get ketchup and self-tanner all over it."

At one point, Cantone needed to break out of Scaramucci's shell. "This is horrifying that I have to do this in front of your mother. This is really horrifying," he told The Mooch before the actor and Scaramucci's mother blew kisses to each other. Back in character and accent, he quipped, "Thanks for giving birth to me, Ma."

Scaramucci had his own punch line though, adding, "You would have had a much better life if she did."

Catch a part of the hysterical segment in the clip above!