Ellen DeGeneres is at it again.

In Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the talk show host jokingly reveals she was originally set to star in Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" video, released in August.

"It could have been better. I was in the original, because I'm part of her squad. Apparently she cut me out...I don't know," she jokes. "She's threatened by me sometimes. Nice try, Tay-Tay, 'cause I got my hands on the real video. So, I'm gonna share it with all of you for the first time."

Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen DeGeneres Show


DeGeneres, who trolled Today's Matt Lauer for months with her video editing tricks, then unveils footage of herself sitting opposite Swift relaxing in a bathtub of diamonds and pearls. The funniest bit comes later in the video, when DeGeneres—still basking in the tub—calls Swift.

Swift: "Hello?"

DeGeneres: "Hey, Tay-Tay! I've got a little question for you."

Swift: "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now."

DeGeneres: "Why not?"

Swift: "Why? 'Cause she's dead."

DeGeneres: "Then who am I playing footsies with? Somebody's got a little attitude, today."

The spoof ends with DeGeneres revisiting some of her most popular characters on The Ellen DeGeneres Show—similar to how Swift confronts her former personas in the actual video. DeGeneres even tagged Swift's airplane, spray-painting her tagline: "Be Kind to One Another."

Jokes aside, DeGeneres is proud of Swift's success and wanted to help the singer-songwriter pay it forward. "Her music video for 'Look What You Made Me Do' has been viewed over 425 million times—425 million times! So, this give me an idea—425 million times! Think about that. If you've seen Taylor's music video, put one dollar in an envelope and send it to Hand in Hand hurricane relief," she says of the fundraising campaign. "That's all you have to do—one dollar!"

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